Moog Theremini!

Posted: 6/14/2017 4:24:05 PM

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Electro Harmonix makes pedals that probably do what you want, except the samples are not replaceable.

If you want keyboard, organ, synth or mellotron samples to be played back on your theremin this is the best bet.

Tracking is excellent and is not pitch corrected.

You can process the output to add variety or blend them together.

Otherwise, you need a sampler and that is unlikely to do justice to the theremin - maybe use a Roli as a controller.

Posted: 3/2/2018 11:18:19 AM

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After some time spent with the theremini I can say that it was a very clever move from Moog to introduce this instrument....

It is not a proper theremin but it is a nice introduction to the "aerial world". Of course you can play melodies like a theremin when you switch off the pitch correction but the playable range is very limited.

For the purists I will say that the theremini motivated me to buy a proper theremin, the Moog Etherwave. So it is silly to say that "the theremini is destroying the theremin", I think the opposite is happening, it is opening the theremin world to beginners - to more people.

So to play melodies on the theremini for me it is much easier to turn the pitch correction all way down, and with a good ear after a while you can start playing simple stuff - of course the theremini is playable! - but- in the middle range not on the high and low registers...

And also the theremini was a good practice for me - now that I've got the Etherwave I can play much easier with it  

Posted: 3/2/2018 5:00:51 PM
Doug Forbes

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I don't know if this has been answered or not but a search didn't turn up an answer so here goes...

Has anyone disassembled a Theremini without boogerin the case ? I know there's that dude on youtube but he just says it's a difficult job and doesn't tell how to do it. Moog customer service is no help whatsoever. Ever.

Thanks for any help

Doug Forbes

Posted: 3/2/2018 5:57:52 PM

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Hi Doug! :-)

I bought a v1 Theremini for the expressed purpose of cracking it open, and posted the pix, analysis, and impressions here at TW.  Link

Opening the case is just a matter of removing the rubber feet, which are glued on, to expose the screws.  You can just press them back on later, but a bit of glue wouldn't hurt (I used Elmer's IIRC).

To me, the Theremini is in the uncanny valley of Theremins, it's tantalizingly close, but ultimately fails.  If one wants a real Theremin the price difference is only $89 (Theremini vs. EWS on Amazon) and there are used ones out there for the budget conscious.

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I'm based in London and looking for a theremin player to record some brief parts for a song i'm doing. Are you interested in having a go? We can correspond a bit and ill answer any questions you might have. Thanks   

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Hello, I read the first pages about theremini and the last pages seem less severe about this instrument that some will call toy.

I recently found a strange video and the lady seems to have found her happiness. This is the main no?

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It's all about habit and personal preference. In Theremini with the latest firmware there is a function Theremin, which is in advanced settings. If it is enabled (and this happens not on all instruments) then the play on Theremini will not differ from the play on Etherwave. I played using this mode and felt quite comfortable.

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Wow! This thread is a doozy! I started reading it and hated myself for buying a theremini because of the shortcomings discussed and the hard time I was having with it.
Than I found out how to find the theremin function in the advanced settings and things are going much better now. If I keep it up enough to outgrow this theremini then I'll be glad to move up and I won't feel that I wasted my money because I will happily pass on this "lesser" instrument to a friend who wants to try it out or even a local school. For now, I am having a ton of fun learning a new instrument.

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No one is ignoring you, not me, there is just no one here anymore...other than the guy trying to prove he can make something that is an improvement on the Theremini. It has become his curse. For him TW is his Dante's Inferno


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True, the Theremini is NEVER, ever going to measure up to an enhanced, or even a stock Etherwave Standard, or B3. IT HAS PROBLEMS! Yes. I grant that. It's volume loop has latency, the visual appearance SUCKS!, The volume loop looks die cut, or laser cut from plate aluminum, and is not removable. The screen is ultra tiny. It's made of PLASTIC, for god's sake! It gets unstable if left on for 10 hours.
When it was demoed in my studio several months back I very nearly tossed the Moog rep out on his ear with that abomination flying behind.
The sad fact of the matter is, it's unfortunately what most of my potential students are gravitating towards due to the cost. When it was in such rutty condition back then, I absolutely would NOT provide instructions using the Theremini. However. Even with it's current issues, it's at least been brought to a condition it's now "actually" playable enough a student could learn with it, and I feel I should at least learn everything there is to know about this thing if a student comes to me with one.
I'd prefer my students use Etherwaves, or B3s. However, as an instructor I have to be prepared for the eventual probability more of my students will be using them. I'm not happy about that, but thems the hazards.
Coalport, I'm willing to bet you dumped yours prior to 1.1.0. No matter, it's gone now, and as a professional, I don't blame you for dumping it. You don't teach, you just play, and you should only be playing pro grade gear.
I can tell you that even in the short time I've been working with the Theremini, I know that no amount of work I do with the presets will ever miraculously bring the Theremini up to pro grade, or even intermediate status. At best, I can at least make it a bit more worth while for those who are unable to afford a better instrument.
Were it not for the 1.1.0 update, and having tried a Theremini with the update in person, I would likely not have bothered. It is what it is. an amateur, entry student grade, to lower intermediate grade instrument at this point.
It's got a very long way to go, but it's now "good" enough for teaching with, at least. Not what I'd want to be seen performing with outside of the studio, or lecture hall, though.

Is this still your opinion, Mr Grillo?

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