Moog Theremini!

Posted: 7/9/2019 4:28:44 PM

From: Lake Tapps, WA

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Hi DreadVox,

Thanks so much for taking the time to post such a thoughtful response.  I am returning the Theremini, and just bought the Etherwave (standard).  I think this will be what I'm looking for.  I like that it is Robert Moog's original design. 


Posted: 7/9/2019 4:31:58 PM

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The Harrison Instruments Model 302 is the easiest theremin to play and has the largest playable range, without an octave switch. The volume antenna is reverse mapped from traditional theremin designs which makes staccato play possible. The use of plate antennas for pitch means that vibrato is optional, notes can be easily held steady as the plate is forgiving of any incidental lateral motion of the hand. No aerial fingering is required, although it could be attempted.

Harrison is modest, I can get 8 octaves out of it easily, you just switch to using your fingers for the top 1.5 octaves.

Most of my play is done by simply articulating the elbow joint, not much to think about. You learn the intervals over time.

Never attempt to play Flight of the Bumble Bee. They use note slicers for that so don't be fooled and try it, it will hurt.

Use an echo pedal to train yourself to stay on pitch with your previous notes, a Mel9 will get the string and vocal sound, and any distortion pedal will give it bite and character. 

Happy theremining!

(never practice, PLAY!)

Posted: 7/9/2019 4:39:13 PM

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Thanks for the info, rupertchapelle.  I am going to go with the Etherwave (since I have already ordered it!), and hope it will provide the experience I am looking for.

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I amend my advice:

Practice! Practice! Practice!

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Instead of funny words like Midi, CV and triggering interesting computer sounds my research was always about rediscovering and improving upon the Original Classic Theremin Sound and response. I call my sound [b]Clara’s Voice[/b] as I like to think she would have enjoyed playing my design. She avoided playing the early EtherWave Standard in her last days, she thought it was a toy, and that is the best we have even today. EW Plus is the same as the standard but you can also make computer noises with it.
I tell people to gut their EWS and stick in my $100 worth of easy to get parts for the true theremin experience. I do not sell anything and clearly explain how to build my stuff @[color=#428bca] [b][/b][/color]
You could pay a local builder $1000 to put my $100 worth of stuff together and you would end up with a theremin much better than a $6500 Epro. Not bragging just fact.  Listen to an Epro then listen to mine sitting on a cardboard box. This is why you need sound samples and not engineer BS.

Christopher, I have to agree with your assessment of your instrument; the sound is fantastic. Lacking the time to learn electronics myself (I had to hire a tech just to install the ESPE01 on my instrument) I can only admire. I probably would be willing to pay $1000 (maybe more) for a functioning model of my own, and I'm just a hobbyist with cash to spare.

Posted: 7/9/2019 5:04:25 PM

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Bendra you scared me, thought I was going to get chewed out again. I bet your ESP01 conversion cost more than the parts for my Classic?

The EtherWave Standard would also be my first choice because for $100 more we can place a Classic in the box at any time.

At some point a University Student will look at my stuff and realize he might make easy money, even if he re-drew my boards
 to be 3 x two-sided 100mm x 100mm, he could sell boards or make the complete setup, $500?   The 2020 Anniversary Needs You

There are subtle limitations and nuances in the feel of a theremin design that can not be describe with words but only heard in a performance.

I should place all of these swans on a single webpage as I have seen Lev Sergeyevich playing this on his own instrument and then there is Clara.

Rupert has The Swan ever been recorded and available using one of Art's Theremins?

Is Art's reversed Volume Control easily reversed with tuning or a switch?


Posted: 7/9/2019 8:54:31 PM

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Which Swan, the easy one for children or the hard one for grownups?

Currently you can modify the Model 302 to "normalize" the volume mapping, but that would make the instrument incapable of staccato play like all the others - so why handicap your instrument and your potentials?  Any note you can hit with an Etherwave you can hit with the Model 302 and you can do it without waggling your hand to conceal a lack of precision.

If you want to hear the Swan on a Model 302, buy one and record the tune, post it on youtube and then do Somewhere Over the Rainbow. You just slide up or down to the next note and you're done.


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