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We've got an effects forum, so we might at well use it :).

I'm looking for a new delay for my Etherwave.  I prefer a warm analog or analog-like tone and I'd like to get at least 400ms delay time.  Of course, I want something that gets along with the Etherwave's line level output without too much noise or clipping.  I'd also like something that isn't too big, say around the size of a standard Boss or Ibanez pedal, so no Moogerfoogers.

I checked out the MXR Carbon Copy yesterday because I read that it could handle a line level, and it got good reviews online.  It's an analog delay that goes up to 600ms.  It was pretty much what I was looking for until I played the theremin in its upper register.  At that point the pedal produced no repeats at all.  Pity.

Can anyone recommend something similar to the Carbon Copy that can deal with the full range of an Etherwave?

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You may want to go digital.  I havent used one personally, but I would recon that it would handle the highs better.   If you are set on analog, ready my pasted post below  or maybe try the Moogerfooger delay, but only if you want to tempt yourself- they are pretty pricey.

This was written a few months ago and posted in another thread)

A few months ago I picked up a Deluxe Memory Boy (analog delay) by EH.    I  had been invited to perform 'soundtracks' for a bunch of art performances and I needed something to add a bit more psychedelia to my toolbox.  Pleased to say the DMB does thatvery well, and so much more.  In addition to far/ out trippy, this pedal can also dialed down to add some subtle reverb and chorus-type depth for more traditional playing.  

I initially tried the cheaper memory boy.  It has the same basic functions but without as many tunable parameters/ knobs.   I found this pedal alright, but with tap tempo and the ability to add an expression pedal which can control delay, feedback, modulation rate and  depth - the Deluxe is way more useful.  I also found that the Memory boy I tried seemed to lose much of the highend frequencies in the repeats.  Probably not noticeable with a guitar, but not ideal for my theremin.  My deluxe seems to have a much fuller range.

  Pros and those with significant means may want to opt for the Deluxe Memory Man w/ tap tempo.  It uses the same rare/ nos BBD chips found in the classic and much adored Memory Man's- reputed to have  brighter /cleaner repeats vs the slightly darker /murky sound of the memory Boy BBD's.  

 Another thing I like about the deluxe is the gain knob- the standard 'boy'  doesnt have it ant there is a significant level change when the effect is switched on/off.  


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Gotta echo what Chobbs said - I've never had a problem in the high notes with digital delays. But then warming up the sound is not a requirement for me - preserving the tone of the theremin is - I like the way very similar frequencies interact with each other, and the more similar the waveforms are, the greater the interactions.

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" I like the way very similar frequencies interact with each other, and the more similar the waveforms are, the greater the interactions." - GordonC

Interesting!  I had never thought of that before, because from a technical perspective it doesnt seem "true" - but you are right, from a auditary perspective its entirely true!

I think it comes down perhaps to the fact that dissimilar waveforms produce a naturally richer harmonic result but the variation in harmonics caused by interactions is less noticable as a result - also, interaction effects ptobably only act (or act more)  on common harmonics in both waveforms, so perhaps if a ramp and a square waveform are interacting, only the odd harmonics interact, whereas if two ramp waveforms are interacting, all the harmonics interact.

Sitting here with a software synth and delay messing with two oscillators I can hear what you are talking about clearly, and cant believe I never noticed this before!


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I'm definitely looking for an analog or very analog-like delay.  I wonder if the new Minifooger delay can handle the Etherwave's output and range.  I'd hope that Moog would make their pedals compatible with their theremins and synths.

I also might check out the Malekko Ekko Mk II.

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RS Theremin

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You should never let overdriving the input limit your choices when attenuators like this one are available. Probably need a RCA Male-Male to go with the RCA to 1/4  plug.

In general passive resistive devices like this will not add any distortion to the sound.


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Dmi, let us know how it sounds

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