Original Classic Theremin Building

Posted: 9/25/2014 8:54:39 PM
RS Theremin

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Maybe I can get back to my creative writing or what I like to think of as old school re-education. From my early Vision of heterodyning I knew Clara’s voice was a gift to me. With the digital people missing the point maybe it was only for me. I had hoped to find someone on my ten year journey that might understand my research so they could explain it to me. I am just a hobbyist with a secret. I found little help and most with bitterness.

My single tube/valve theremin-like design is evolving. Only three circuit boards at no cost to you, purchase everything else from Mouser for less than $200. Visit Tube Warmth  (For the States only)

I have seen many coincidences along the way. One particular might make some scratch their head which is about the noisy bug called a cicada found in many states. When my tube/valve sound begins to chirp like the bug it points the way to a heterodyning combination which will serenade with an authentic sound. Others also discovered this effect but we are aging and fading away.

I left in this odd sound at the start of this sound byte so you know what I am talking about. I believe others that explored authentic sound might of experienced this effect which Lev Sergeyevich also discovered but did not invent. Amazingly the outer edge of the cicada’s wing is named Termen, coincidence or a message to those who are invited?

My sound comes from nature.  Authentic Sound.wav  2 megs


Posted: 12/6/2014 8:38:17 PM

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Hello Everyone, I am not dead yet!

Over the years different people demonstrated different things that helped validate what I was thinking.

Art Harrison always said the theremin sound is all about wave shape.

Peter Pringle demonstrated what the right equipment and skill could do.

Anthony Henk demonstrated the long thin antenna.

Maxie Baar demonstrated solid state theremin kit improvements.

Chobbs demonstrated the theremin as Art in more ways.

Thierry. . . well I found him most believable, he knows his stuff.

and many more.

After 10 years I figured out how and mostly why a single vacuum tube has the unique ability to sing. Could the Heart of the authentic Theremin be forgotten in time?  Not if I have my way. (-'

I want my journey to end, but it can not yet. I must pass the baton. In the hands of a Thereminist my design could sound wonderful and it can be built for about 100 euro’s or $150. The one vacuum tube (pentode) is $6. A hybrid is a marriage of the old with the new. Theremin building is simple, yeah right.

My Lady Sings-5   mp3  498k                 My Lady Sings-7 .mp3  340k

Merry Christmas


Edit:  "No Pier Pressure"

Posted: 12/7/2014 2:04:35 AM

From: Colmar, France

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Did you already check out the EF98 tube (or 6ET6)? It's an indirectly heated (6.3V 300mA) low voltage pentode which works with 12V plate voltage. Connecting the grid #3 to the plate instead the cathode (which is usual for pentode configurations)  transforms it into a beautiful mixer tetrode. Feeding the signals to the grids #1 and #2 and connecting the primary winding of an 1:1 audio transformer with 2 to 4k impedance between +12V and the plate should do the job. The wave form could be influenced by adding a variable positive offset voltage to the signal on grid #2.


Posted: 12/7/2014 2:56:14 AM

From: 60 Miles North of San Diego, CA

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6ET6 = EF98

I have available a 6.3v filament voltage though I currently use 12.6v. My plate is held at 100v at 6 ma. with a zener diode. Currently I use a single PCB mounted transformer that powers everything and available at Mouser or Digikey for $10. I like the 6ET6 look but it would need a grounded metal shield, which I found difficult for others to purchase and not cost effective. I imagine Russia is the source for many things tube-wise which are not listed in the States. The sound effect I have is influenced by my tube/valve oscillator as much as the single diode mixer I use.  I have tried other tube ID numbers and they are not as clean as what I currently use. I get between 70 to 100 volts p-p RF on my thin wire antenna.

I want to get the tube/valve section PCB commercially made to “give away" so need to finalize what tube/valve I will use. I will research the 6ET6 availability in the States with the shield. It has a different pin-out obviously than what I am using but maybe an adapter socket could get me where I need to go in a test setup.

My sound is smooth and Thierry you had a nice violin sound, you are familiar using the EF98, do you have a sound sample of your latest approach? I experienced your earlier theremin sample when you were driving the Yugo around the parking lot and honking as Thorwald was playing on a public stage. I thought that was a very nice theremin sound. Where did your design end up, you have been quiet?

I need a classical Thereminist down the street from me or nearby to share with me input. It seems they are all near Los Angeles, which is a bit outside of my driving circle.

Thanks for saying hello. With your yarmulke I see in pictures I don’t think you celebrate Christmas but am happy to see you wearing it.

Happy New Year


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