Idea for Theremin Staccato Pedal

Posted: 9/21/2014 6:50:59 PM

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I did a quick search for "linear displacement transducer" - The application I needed one for was quite special (detecting surface tension of a film of phospholipids on the surface of water as a barrier compressed the surface, and therebye first detecting the peak at which the surface molecules overlapped and the film collapsed but then using this tension reference and controlling the barrier so one could maintain a layer of 1 molecule on the surface while dipping substrates to deposit this layer on them) so I thought perhaps I was way out, and chep ones might be available.

Ones capable of what I did them are far more expensive now!... And in a quick scan I only found (among the £150+ transducers) one cheap one at 89p! ..  Just had to look into it ! ;-) .. RS components  Data sheet .. Even with the data, I have no real idea about its operation (resistive?) but it looks possibly interesting.

Oh, did see one at £4.84 but it isn't the transducer, its a mechanical adaptor for a transducer.

Anyway, there are hundreds readily available from RS, Mouser,Farnell etc.. Search for "linear transducer" "linear displacement transducer" and / or LVDT - I only looked at the first hit -


Posted: 5/8/2017 8:33:17 PM

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Perhaps you folks would like this since it is cheap and user friendly:

I prefer staccato the old fashioned way, with fast hands and a tight volume field.

You just have to alternate between staccato and legato otherwise you might have to take year off from playing like I did.

Using the foot to tap out rhythm is a lot slower than what the hand can do. That also brings the problem of body movement affecting the pitch.

Fortunately there is a way to do faster volume play - invert the volume  field mapping. You can move your hand downwards a lot  faster than you can move it upwards. 

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