Major radio interference with B3 theremin

Posted: 7/19/2015 1:30:57 AM

Joined: 7/19/2015

It's driving me crazy!  At first I thought it might be the patch cable causing the problem, but I bought a new one and I'm still having the same problem.  I've tried plugging my husbands bass into the amp (it's his bass amp I'm using) and I can't hear the radio, so I don't think it's the amp that's the problem.  I've got the standard B3 theremin - does anyone happen to have any tips/tricks for me to try?  I'm really enjoying getting into playing the theremin but it's quite frustrating hearing someone talking behind everything I play... Haha.  

Posted: 7/19/2015 3:33:52 AM
randy george

From: Los Angeles, California

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Hi allypent, One thing you can try is contracting one or more of the segments of the telescoping antenna.  This will have an effect on the pitch spacings too, so I recommend making note of how much you change the overall length and which segments you decide to contract. The overall surface area of the antenna is the variable in question, so contracting thinner segments will have a slightly different effect on pitch spacing than when contracting thicker segments.   

If that does not eliminate the radio voices, then you could always contact Burns again, and they could retune the theremin's pitch circuit to a different frequency. Burns has excellent customer support and they are also super friendly and always respond in a timely manner. Good luck!

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