OT: "Love & Mercy", Beach Boys, Good Vibrations

Posted: 8/3/2015 1:01:15 PM

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I saw it with my mom -- we enjoyed it, I especially liked Paul Dano's performance.  There's maybe 5 seconds of Tannerin in it, if that. 

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And of course those lyrics are copyrighted and posting them without permission is copyright infringement. 

You really don't seem to understand copyright at all.

Posted: 8/4/2015 4:58:57 PM

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I'm not trying to single anyone out here. I just see so much of this going on here, there and everywhere (by the way song titles themselves are not generally copyrightable - as many songs have the same title). So let's remember this:

1. If you post original material on YouTube, under the standard YouTube license anyone can repost/embed links to it. But they can not download and reuse it in any way (though many do). YouTube only takes over certain rights to material used on YouTube. There's a lot of fine print there about what rights you give up on YouTube - but you still retain copyright.

2. You can not repost/embed links to things that have been illegally uploaded to YouTube. Of course that's the huge problem. It's hard to know if that material was legally posted and YouTube is totally irresponsible in trying to vet things. It's easier for them to just wait for a lawsuit and let their mega-lawyers deal with it. Though if you try and post an original copyrighted recording, that will likely be discovered - and they may or may not do something about it.

3. But copying .mp3 files or performances to your computer and then reposting it or copying lyrics and reposting or making your own versions of copyrighted works without permission and posting is always going to be questionable.

Here's a good example of the haze. There's a performance of Clara Rockmore of the Villa-Lobos Bachiana Brasileira no 5 you can find someone has posted on YouTube obviously from one of here recordings. TW even recently posted a different performance of it by Thorwald Jørgensen. This piece is copyrighted. So in the first case, whoever posted it likely violated the copyright of both Villa-lobos estate for original copyright and Clara Rockmore Estate for performance copyright (or whoever owns the copyrights). Now even if Jørgensen owns his performance of the piece, did he get permission of the Villa-Lobos estate to post it on YouTube? Maybe. If not, he likely violated copyright as did TW by reposting it. It's a very complicated subject, and I always try to err on the part of caution to respect the original copyright.


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