OT: "Love & Mercy", Beach Boys, Good Vibrations

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Awww thanks so much!! :D

I'm so glad you like my writing! I was hoping to get more response to my posts, at least the Bob Moog one.. Would you like to contribute anything you know about him?

I love the theremin and have lots more thoughts and ideas to share if it's ok for me to revive a couple of old threads!

Sorry my internet crashed or I would have replied earlier :)

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Wow!! Paul Tanner! :D That photo is amazing! :) And it's incredible how Brian Wilson has been a part of your life and theremin journey! I knew he had a theremin and was very interested in it, he really wanted its ethereal tones in "Good Vibrations" but basically the Beach Boys said, "We're guitarists! We don't know how to play this!" so Bob Moog and Paul Tanner created alternative slide-controlled instruments :)I have just found out about Brian Wilson through my interest in the Beach Boys and now this new "Love and Mercy" movie. His story is so inspiring and I was absolutely touched to hear this song for the first time, especially since I had just found out about his life stories and the events in his life, and then his wonderful comeback, that inspired him to write this sweet song! I have been listening to it lots more ever since! The lyrics are so true :)

Aww! You don't have to delete the post! It's a wonderful addition to the "Love and Mercy" thread which has become a great tribute to Brian Wilson :)

 (I made this)

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A story of Brian Wilson and the Tannerin! :)


And a beautifully done edit of "Heroes and Villains" and "Good Vibrations" together :)

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