1929/30 RCA Theremin wanted

Posted: 7/22/2016 3:38:53 AM

From: Buffalo, New York

Joined: 7/22/2016

Hello - I am new here and collect antiques. I've been researching the original theremin and wondered where could I possibly purchase one ? Any ideas ? Thank you !

Posted: 7/22/2016 3:59:50 AM

From: 60 Miles North of San Diego, CA

Joined: 10/1/2014

Hello Tmonaco,

This website has everything you want and even a list of all who own one.



Posted: 7/22/2016 5:51:02 PM

From: Brooklyn, New York

Joined: 11/25/2005

Hi Tmonaco,

I run rcatheremin.com with my friend Andy. We will be posting some RCAs in the classifieds soon, and I'll let Jason know about to post on thereminworld's page as well.


Posted: 7/22/2016 6:59:14 PM

From: Northern NJ, USA

Joined: 2/17/2012

Wow, you've got a fantastic site Mike!

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