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I know the Transitron only for Horizontal timebase applications in CRT circuits, to produce the saw tooth.

The last Transitron i have built, was based on a EF80 Tube in combination with a 5LO38I CRT.

The pourpose was to "show" the audio signal of a diy tube amp.

I searched a lot, but i never found any detailed information how to calculate a transitron correctly.

For instance, i dont see how to use this for a theremin?????

Playing around with electronics, i am interrested :)

I cannot simulate anything, i dont have spice, i am building and checking it out with meters and scopes.

Posted: 12/17/2017 2:45:29 PM

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"I searched a lot, but i never found any detailed information how to calculate a transitron correctly." -- Oilspill

this is a "terra incognita" for me too.

"For instance, i dont see how to use this for a theremin" -- Oilspill

there is a nice  resource where a lot of Russian theremin related publications are processed by OCR. Thus,  you can easily use the google translator.

I.Simonov, A.Shivanov -- Thermenvox

and more early publication:

Korsunsky, S.G., Simonov, I.D. -- Thermenvox


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I'm also back to the community. Welcome to the forum. Glad to see you here buddy. 

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Hello @thomas glad to see you here. I also registered here before a week ago. But didn't post here regularly. 

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