DIY Alternatives to Bob Moog's EM Etherwave Antenna inductors

Posted: 9/1/2018 6:04:01 PM

From: Northern NJ, USA

Joined: 2/17/2012

"Are they good enough? Original inductors had higher Q but lower SRF. Because of the serial connecting total inductance is roughly the same.
If these don't match, then what should I pay attention looking for another ones?"  - Newbie

It's hard to say what "good enough" is.  Physically very small inductors with large values and high enough SRF will probably have a lot of temperature drift due to the more aggressive ferrite they're wound on.  Higher RDS will lower Q, but higher SRF will guarantee operation and can give you a higher voltage swing.  For instance, single layer air core coils that aren't mammoth in size will necessarily have high RDS, but the SRF will likely be higher than anything you can achieve with ferrite (and there will be no core losses).  If you're replicating an Etherwave but substituting critical components like these you will have to do a certain amount of experimenting once you get things to the point of playability.  So don't design and build the cabinet until you've got it working with whatever you end up using for EQ coils.  From the accounts of others, there can be a lot of experimentation at the end regarding the final value and composition of the EQ coils.

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