MINT Condition Moog Etherwave PLUS Theremin with ESPE01 Pitch Extension Module & Accessories (CAD$800/USD$605/EUR€535 + Shipping)

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CAD$800/USD$605/EUR€535 + Shipping


Selling a MINT condition Etherwave Plus Theremin with (specially installed) ESPE01 Pitch Extension Module from Moog. Moog’s flagship Theremin model (with full analog circuitry and CV outputs for Gate and Pitch), the Etherwave Plus is as versatile as it gets in the world of Theremin (see attached YouTube video for a full feature overview including the advantages of the ESPE01 Pitch Extension module). 

Included with the Theremin is a host of accessories including:
-      ESPE01 Standard Pitch Extension Module by Thierry Frankel (enhances the Timbre and Linearity of the Etherwave Standard and Plus Theremins)
-      Yorkville Sound Round Based Mic Stand
-      Moog Etherwave Theremin Padded Gig Bag
-      IKEA RÅSKOG Bar Stool, Blue
The Theremin itself was purchased nearly 2 years ago in January, 2017 in Toronto, and has been used exclusively at home, so there has been no damage whatsoever to the hardware, software, circuitry, or appearance.
What is this group of items selling for new in Ontario?
$1,129.38 plus Shipping of Theremin to The Netherlands for ESPE01 Installation.
Etherwave Plus with NO ESPE01 Pitch Extension or Accessories (Gig Bag, Stand)
Long & McQuade – $902.87 ($799.00+HST)
Yorkville Sound Round Based Mic Stand – Black
ESPE01 Etherwave Standard Pitch Extension Module
Ethermagic Website - $78.51 (€50.42 not including Theremin Shipment to The Netherlands)
Mic Stand
Long & McQuade – $39.54 ($34.99+HST)
Moog Etherwave Theremin Padded Gig Bag - $91.51 ($72.99+HST+S&H)
OPTIONAL – IKEA RÅSKOG Bar Stool, Blue - $56.49 ($49.99+HST)
YouTube – Tuning the Etherwave Standard/Plus by Moog with ESPE01 by Thierry Frenkel | Carolina talks Theremin

YouTube - Using Theremins as CV and MIDI Controllers by Daniel Fisher

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This smells funny now that we have Amazon! Using Thierry's name as a promotional tool.

Not sure how giving credit to the inventor is promotional but whatever helps you sleep at night.

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That is certainly not my intention. I want this group of items to find a good home

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