A Theremin Accessory - Pitch Tuner

Posted: 12/27/2018 7:21:09 PM

From: 60 Miles North of San Diego, CA

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It is my 15 year anniversary at TW, here is a nice gift.

My Pitch Tuner Webpage
No latency is noticeable
I have corresponded with this teacher for 15 years, he does not charge for his software.

My Low End Bass Sound for fun.mp3

I am working on an improved webpage and my hard drive crashed, why me,  not now?

I wish everyone a Happy New Year and please do not take all this theremin stuff too serious. If you were invited the research will be fun and you will succeed. It takes time and great effort.


Posted: 12/28/2018 1:04:55 PM

From: Switzerland

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Nice software!

It is several alternatives on linux. First, guitarix and rakarrack, 2 software effect rack which provides some easy to use tuners (and much more). If you prefer simple tuner only applications, fmit is very nice and provides features like microtonal capabilities, fft analysis and more. These must be included with all major distribution, from Debian to Ubuntu and from gentoo to Red Hat and Suse. For a newcomer, I would recommend Debian, Ubuntu or Suse (Red Hat seam to be good too, but I was never able to get it to install and run). For a student or anyone willing to learn the internals of the GNU/linux OS, the best one is gentoo, and it is on the long run the best of all distributions I experimented with. The best thing with linux is its central software management which garanties the software consistency of the whole distribution and all its software. Think to something like windows update but for the whole distribution. With distributions like Debian, Ubuntu or Suse, it is as easy to use than windows update.

I would say that generally speaking, 2 audio domains where linux do a great job is audio engineering  (tuning, spectrum analysis, acoustical analysis, ...) and all that have to do with recording and mastering (audacity is well know by almost everybody, but ardour, a professional multitrack recorder is really a killer application. The main minus is the VST support. They are non native applications and some of them will run fine when other will fail to run. But with time going on, it is more and more free alternatives for them.

Happy New Year!

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