Etherwave: grounding, power, output and other considerations

Posted: 9/10/2019 9:21:10 AM

From: Moscow, Russia

Joined: 9/10/2019

Greetings to all the brilliant people of this forum. I've been reading through it for a while and have arrived at some questions, which I feel I am ready to ask.

Some background first. A little while ago I set out to build a Theremin. After somewhat extensive research and some minor experiments I arrived at the understanding that a handmade Etherwave would be optimal for me in terms of its capabilities, expenses and personal involvement. So what I have now is a EW schematic from respective Hotrodding manual and couple Thierry's posts dating back to 2009 which mention improvements made by Moog on the part of linearization coils (3 coils in H-formation instead of 4 coils in a zig-zag pattern, reducing their mutual induction), and the Hotrodding manual predates these improvements, so they are not included in the schematic.

What I want to know now:

1. Is there any more up-to-date EW schematic available than what's in 2003's Hotrodding Manual?

2. I am considering a different power supply scheme. Everything to the left of C21/C22 is replaced with a ±12VDC buck-boost converter (like this one), which is in turn fed +18VDC from two possible sources: either a 220VAC→18VDC wall adapter or two 9V batteries (and all that means I install a three-position power switch instead of a simpler one to be able to choose the source).
This leads to a series of questions:

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