The Gordin Masazane Theremin

Posted: 3/10/2020 5:37:42 AM
CB Thereminist

From: Ontario

Joined: 1/28/2020

I'm really curious about the Gordin Masazane.

It seems to be quite rare, and I haven't found any prominent thereminists aside from Masami Takeuchi (who is director of Mandarin Electron, the company which produces them) who use one. His theremin playing is unquestionably good, but his style is quite distinctive and he seems to prefer a similar range of timbres, meaning we don't get a very comprehensive sample from his videos alone. Unfortunately, we seem to lack any more quality footage of the theremin in action (that I can find). I think it warrants some further discussion - as one of the last notable theremins on the market, it would be nice to gather some more insight on what the Gordin Masazane is all about.

Does anyone own one of these instruments, or perhaps has played/heard one otherwise? At its price point, it certainly demands an investment similar to some other prestigious, professional models - but how does it compare?

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