Can I buy this keyboard combo?

Posted: 6/11/2020 1:36:19 PM

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Hello thereminists!  I'm new here, from Prague.
I recently bought the Etherwave Plus and I need an amplifier. In an Czech internet bazaar, someone offers this keyboard combo very cheaply, and it works well, he say (and I'll try it, of course). I am not sure if it's not too big. Please tell me the positives and negatives and if it even works with theremin. What cheap and small amplifier would be better (in Europe)? Can you also explain to me what a ground connection and line level input/output at theremin is? Thank you so much for this forum!

- Combo Mixer Amp, 100 Watt[/ul]
- 4 Channels with XLR- and plug input, integrated reverb effect
- Per channel: volume, effect part, treble, bassMaster: volume, effect part, CD/MP3 controler, 3-band EQ
- Back: CD/MP3 in & out, effect-loopCarrying handle, wheels and telescopic handle
- 1 x 10 speaker, 3 x 7 Piezo tweeter- 70 Hz - 18 kHz

Posted: 6/11/2020 2:44:35 PM

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Your picture is quite small to make out.  Can you give the make/model numbers for the two pieces?  It does look like much more than you need for a theremin, although if it's a bargain and you have the space it might be worth getting. 

As a cheap alternative in Europe you might look into the $125 Behringer KT108 keyboard amp.  Some people here have reported that it is adequate for theremin use.  An outboard reverb is probably the single most important additional effect to have to use with the amplifier, but you can find one later.  You can buy inexpensive keyboard amps that have an array of basic digital effects built in, but the reverb functions tend to be extremely limited in capability compared to what you might get by having an external reverb or effects module.

The text looks strange because of some formatting with a list that you inserted.  We all have problems with this text editor at times-don't worry about it.

Posted: 6/12/2020 3:26:01 PM

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Thanks, it is the ZAR Keyboard K-100 Amplifier. I'd rather buy the Berhringer.

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That do you think about Logitech?

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