90s Etherwave kit - volume increases as I approach the volume loop

Posted: 7/30/2020 6:22:03 PM

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Hello Theremin World. I'll start by thanking you for this community, I did a good amount of reading here before recently buying my first theremin for my wife and myself. It's a used 90's Etherwave kit (Moog, but produced under the Big Briar name). It seems to work very well, except one issue - when the left hand approaches the volume loop, for the last 3-ish inches the volume increases. 
The volume loop functions as expected from 3 inches and further, increasing the volume as the hand distance increases. But, it somehow inverts it's behavior at close range. I have read about a 'chirp' or beep that happens on Etherwaves when you touch the volume loop, but I have not been able to find any info about a steady increase of volume happening at close range. 

I am happy to tinker but would love some direction, if anyone knows of this issue. Here's a video example of the close-range volume: 

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Posted: 7/30/2020 7:41:09 PM

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Take top of box off.

Adjust L11 about 1/8 either way and check the results. This is the most left side IF transformer. Touch nothing else if you are happy.


Posted: 7/31/2020 3:22:59 PM

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Thanks oldtemecula! I will try that out this weekend and report back.

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