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Posted: 2/7/2022 10:44:15 PM

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Just curious, who makes the power bars?

Cheap brand -

Really, though, just using battery power actually suits me, one less step to have to plug it in : )

Posted: 2/17/2022 9:53:54 PM

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I've got a problem where the Store LED is flashing and no sound produced, app prompts to update firmware but it fails all the time. Been trying for hours and was on the phone with customer service to no avail and used different macbooks... This happens just 2 days before a major performance to an audience of around 1000+ 

Have tried all kinds of orders...power off, powering on, opening app before/after connecting, resting it for 1 hour, re-installing claravox etc... Everything short of using and iPad because I have not got one.

Posted: 5/14/2022 2:14:36 AM

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Given there are no storage accessories specifically designed for the Claravox, my wife and I designed a dust cover for mine that, hopefully, will protect it from dust:

Read more here: My Theremin blog

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