Moog 351 Tube Theremin

Posted: 1/12/2022 10:58:44 AM
xan amps

Joined: 1/12/2022

Hi All,

I've been lurking and contemplating a theremin build for some time, but made an account today to ask some questions before I really go down the rabbit hole.
I've seen a lot of clones and interpretations of vintage tube theremin designs on the forum, but I'm hoping to create somethings that I haven't seen any build log or even discussion of on here so far: the Moog 351 Tube Theremin.

It seems like most of his designs, there are schematics provided with details and tips on constructing it. I lots of experience with tube equipment as I have worked with it for a long time, and design my own guitar amplifiers (it's therefore less alien to me than transistor based circuits!).

Are there any good reasons to steer clear of this build, and anything in particular that might be difficult?



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