About Theremin's grounding and linearity!

Posted: 1/23/2023 12:06:12 PM
Victor Haung

Joined: 7/19/2022

Hello, this this is my first time I post a topic. Because I have a problum with my theremin(LV-4 theremin).  I use two ways to ground my theremin. One is grounding my theremin with three-holes-socket(the real grounding),and another is using grounding wires which connect my body and theremin.  I found that the linearity is changing, especially for high pitch(C5-C7), the second way's high pitch is more expand than the first one.  I want to know which one is the real linearity of the theremin.  Thanks, sincerely!

P.S Sorry my english is very rough.
P.S.S By the way, I live in Taiwan, and I have learned theremin for one year.

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