Question on the problems of timbre formation of the theremin sound

Posted: 2/6/2023 8:59:18 PM

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Tanner found my website after his first vacuum tube theremin build had sound that was full of noise. I explained to him why he was having trouble by not having a good earth ground. He pounded in a metal rod outside and ran a wire through the window. Earth ground seems to be the stumbling block of many. Tanner living near me is one of the many theremin mysteries of my journey as well as my friend Paul Tanner who never got the theremin recognition he deserved, that is where my journey begins.

Here is a combination of my two theremin friends, let us never forget.  "God Only Knows"


Posted: 2/8/2023 4:29:09 PM

From: 60 Miles North of San Diego, CA

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It was fun to revisit my old stuff. Time to wrap it up as I have a date with destiny.

What I have been talking about is the Theremin Phenomenon which is simply a beautiful sound from nature (heterodyning) that we control the wave shape and volume.

When someone says they do not hear the theremin difference grounded or ungrounded it is possible there is something about their hearing that does not allow them to hear it, maybe too many rock concerts standing by the big speakers.

Our friend Peter Pringle had a nice sound that he got using the Millennia STT-1 with Over 130 Combinations of Fully Discrete Signal Paths Containing Compression, De-Esseing, and Parametric Equalization Sections

With $5 in electronic parts my theremin design had many voices.


I believe this sound below is without an earth ground off of a 9 volt battery! I could go into detail why ungrounded this theremin still has ideal linearity but after 20 years of research I found most engineers when it comes to theremins are blinded by the Dunning–Kruger effect. This should not be offensive rather just the way it is and why the true theremin phenomenon has yet to be harnessed.

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Demonstration of my simple, modest experience with the timbre of changing the mode of the base of the transistor, in the mixer cascade, or in the cascade coming after the theremin oscillators mixer.
(the results are modest, but with subsequent transformations, perhaps useful)

The essence of the adjustment in the photo:

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Sound -

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