Etherwave antenna more far from the instrument

Posted: 4/17/2023 3:42:59 PM

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does it make sense for example to put antenna more far from the instrument body, like it has E-pro? If it could achieve better linearity. If it is possible or if I would like anyway to try it, what kind of wire do you recommend for it?

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Posted: 4/17/2023 4:24:59 PM

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Any wire will work, though perhaps the thinner the better as it will have less surface area and act less like an antenna.

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Putting the antenna more far away shouldn't change the linearity, if a thin wire is used. A shorter but thicker antenna-rod itself can possibly improve it. Or you vary the hand path to the antenna. You can find a bit more in the "basic experiments" thread. 

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My understanding is that both the etherwave pro and the claravox have a coil embedded inside the pitch arm, closer to the base of the antenna. I'm not sure if its really necessary but will help.

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For the ideal pitch field linearity that Thereminist hope for you want the antenna circuit to resonate with the LC tank circuit. This is why you find in-line inductors in all of Moog’s theremins. Just using a wire connected directly really misses out. With this setup linearity is either on or off, there is no almost linear. Like the classic theremin sound this is another aspect of the Theremin Phenomenon.

A stretched out pitch field to move the upper musical notes away from the antenna does remain reasonably linear.

The lower theremin frequency used . . . the less thermal drift.

You might consider using these readily available choke/coils.


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