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    Light Saber Theremin

    Lightsaber Theremin

    Synthesizer DIY guru Look Mum No Computer shows us his latest creation... a Lightsaber theremin! We're using the word "theremin" very lightly here, of course. It's more of a unique gestural instrument that looks like a lot of fun to play! The project uses...

    Altura Theremin MIDI Controller

    The Zeppelin Design Labs Altura Theremin MIDI Controller

    Zeppelin Design Labs has introduced the Altura Theremin MIDI Controller. The Altura allows you to control your traditional hardware and software MIDI synthesizers with hand gestures in a similar manner to playing the theremin. Instead of using capacitive...

    Earth Tones by Cindy Chinn

    Earth Tones - A Theremin Made From Repurposed Parts

    An homage to Theremin World?  This interactive sculpture by artist Cindy Chinn was likely inspired by a theremin, but based on this video , we wouldn't call it a traditional theremin. Still, it's nice to see someone branching out from the traditional "box...