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Clara Venice - Love/Hate Valentine's Day

Clara Venice - Love/Hate Valentine's Day


Thursday, February 14, 2013


TIFF Festival Tower Cinema
Toronto, Ontario


Hello all of you romantics who LOVE Valentine’s Day! Memories of gradeschool special deliveries and candy hearts at recess? That highschool boyfriend who brought you roses that you kept until they rotted and turned gray? Your current beau whose googly eyes tell you that he’s as smitten a kitten as he was the first time he held your hand? Does your hand still tremble a little sometimes when he touches it? Well then THIS is the Valentine’s Day event you’ve been waiting for!! On Thursday February 14th, let Clara Venice serenade you with a series of love songs so sexy and romantic you can’t help but go home and make out. Like, a lot. Grab an early dinner and then head down to the TIFF Festival Tower Cinema for this 9 pm concert - nothing says I LOVE VALENTINE’S DAY like Clara Venice’s special brand of electric love pop! Drinks after in the Festival Cinema private lounge. Tickets available by clicking the link below, see you there! Love, Clara