Build an Electro-Theremin or Tannerin

Posted: 1/21/2008 3:24:43 PM

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Hmm... It would work just fine, and it is nice in the sense that it would give you four different waveforms and a practically linear control, however it would be susceptible to drift, but mine seems to be quite stable. Anyway, my circuit uses a 555 timer as a voltage controlled oscillator. I have never been bothered by the fact that my circuit isn't linear. Theremins aren't linear either, so I was happy.
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I have a version of the electro-theremin that works quite nicely. It was made by Mike Beauchamp of Canada, and he sells them. You can see his web site:
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...sorry, I might be a little off, but, are you looking for something like this:

I did use the 'R2M' in my 'very noisy intro' - which is available for listening at my MySpace-site at; with it I control an synthesized accordeon, which is then routed through some filters...ok, it sounds more like a guitar or bass ;o) - the same effect can be achieved using a theremin, passing the audio through the MIDI-Wave, btw...
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Actually, a ribbon controller such as that one would be awesome! It has a control voltage output, which is perfect, since that is all that would be needed to control the circuit in the Tannerin. Linearity would still be a problem, but I don't think that that is a big deal. I wish I could get my hands on one so I can play with it...

And I do know about the Therevox, and I'm sure that it is superior to mine. However, I was quite short on funds, so I had no choice but to build one myself.
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I found a nice article explaining the linear vs. exponential problem:
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[i]However, I have never been able to find a multi-turn logarithmic pot, so I'm stuck.[/i]

Probably it's a silly suggestion, but could you fit a fusee ( onto a linear multiturn pot to make it respond logarithmically?

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Oh, yeah. I remember a Leonardo da Vinci drawing that used just such a device. It would probably work very well, but unfortunately, I don't have the equipment to make an accurate fusee. I'll still look into it. Thanks for the idea!
Posted: 1/27/2008 7:41:22 PM

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To build an accurate fusee, one would need a lathe. I have one with a two inch throw, and I can use it efficiently. If you require a larger radius, my Dad has a four inch throw lathe.
My Dad's lathe could easily make both the shapes required for the fusee. Nylon would be the best material for this application. Interested?
Good Luck!

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I've finally uploaded pictures of my Tannerin. Again, I posted them to my LiveJournal account. You can get to them here:

If you want some descriptions of the pictures, or more information, let me know!

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