Is this a good deal?

Posted: 12/3/2007 5:16:58 PM

From: Toronto

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Hi everyone, just joined the site and close to getting my first theremin and was hoping to get some advice from those in the know.

I have the opportunity to get a paia theremax off a friend for $100, he says everything is good but the volume is really low and needs to be fixed somehow. I know the kits sell for around $230 so what do you think the chances are of me fixing it for less than $130? also, is the paia theremax very good? Thomas Grillo recommended it to me but some on this site say they don't like it's timbre, is it really that different?


Posted: 12/3/2007 5:41:16 PM

From: Kansas City, Mo.

Joined: 8/23/2005

The Theremax is a fun theremin however it is hard to play.

Inexpensive theremins tend to have less linearity than more professional models. On a non-linear theremin the note spacing is not consistant from the high to low end of the pitch range. The high pitches are spaced close together and the spacing increases as one moves away from the rod for the low notes.

The Etherwave Standard has great linearity -- almost as good as the Etherwave Pro -- and, compared to the Pro, is only about 25%-30% of the price.

I own a Theremax -- it was my first theremin. I upgraded to a Moog Theremin three weeks after I built the Theremax.

The disadvantage to starting out on an inexpensive instrument is that you may get an inflated impression of the theremin's difficulty and a deflated impression of your own ability.

Best wishes to you.

[i]-- Kevin[/i]

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