Contests... keep them or cut them?

Posted: 9/6/2005 1:51:19 PM

From: Hillsborough, NC (USA)

Joined: 2/13/2005

I'm wondering if people think we should keep the monthly contests going or end them? Do you find them helpful or inspiring? Or is it demotivating if you don't win?
Posted: 9/6/2005 3:45:31 PM

From: chicago illinois

Joined: 2/15/2005

Jason, you have to keep the contests, everytime you put one up i force myself to learn the song...the only reason i dont enter is cuz i have no good way to record, maybe you should give instruction on how to record on ur computer for cheap
Posted: 9/6/2005 3:48:16 PM
RS Theremin

From: 60 mi. N of San Diego CA

Joined: 2/15/2005

A battle of the theremins is more than winning; it is each participant making a contribution of self to history. Lev working in his lab knew what he was doing would one day ignite something exciting in the hearts of everyone that would follow.

Involvement in the theremin community is so small that by default winning this contest is possible for everyone (optical theremin?).

You cannot compare a Jaycar theremin against an EtherWave standard, yet a Jaycar could generate winning results. Judging should not be on how good a performance is, rather how good it was performed on a specific model. Over time this would reveal how different models respond.

Like in horseracing the Jaycar could win carrying the lightest performance load.

It would be great to have all the monthly mp3 entries available along with the model used so everyone could get a sense of different instruments along with their performer. Some of these artists will eventually become very proficient artist; imagine having some of their early sound bytes to taunt them with in the future. lol

Would an honor system be sufficient for what model is being played or can the trained ear detect the model differences?

Defining theremin qualities (everyone can expand on this)

Voice: good brightness or has an interesting sound. Vibrato is smooth throughout its range especially the low end (A little reverb acceptable)

Note Control (Pitch): spacing, selectivity, pitch linearity

Volume Control - singing to silence, window size, responsiveness & no background noise (signal to noise)
Posted: 9/6/2005 3:49:36 PM

From: Liverpool, United Kingdom

Joined: 7/20/2005

You gotta keep em. I didnt enter the last one because of the time limit. I have been recording my own theremin compositions and didnt get the chance in such short notice. Also because it was a dedication to Bob Moog I felt kind of funny about using my Enkelaar . But the contests are a great idea.
Are you not getting much response Jason ?
Posted: 9/6/2005 3:55:07 PM
Charlie D

From: England

Joined: 2/28/2005

I think they're a great idea. The competitive aspect of them is really the least important- they force you to learn pieces that you wouldn't learn otherwise, add to your repertoire and even though I assume most people don't enter, they provide everyone an insight into how their fellow theremin players/enthusiasts/thereminists (!) are doing.

Perhaps make them bimonthly if the entry number is low? See if that works? I dunno.
Posted: 9/6/2005 4:02:50 PM

From: Liverpool, United Kingdom

Joined: 7/20/2005

The more I think about this the more I think its gonna get bigger. I HAVE GOT TO WIN THIS COMP BEFORE I DIE -- end of. So keep it going to give me a chance.
Posted: 9/6/2005 4:37:47 PM

From: Hillsborough, NC (USA)

Joined: 2/13/2005

Wow... I didn't expect that much response that quickly :)

We've averaged about 8 entries per contest so far. Unfortunately, I wasn't very clear on the deadline for the last one, so we received a few entries 1 day too late. I'll try to make the deadline more clear going forward (and maybe add a count-down timer to the contest page or something).

Great idea fo tips on recording the theremin for cheap - I'll start working on that. Let me know if you have any other ideas like that, I'm happy to oblige. And if anyone else wants to help write articles, please let me know.

So, we'll keep hosting the contests. I'm a little behind on sending out prizes for the last 2 contests, so please have patience while we work out our schwag issues.

Posted: 9/6/2005 10:07:01 PM

From: Colorado

Joined: 7/5/2005

Please keep them!
I'm another one needing to get over the hurdle of figuring out how to record and post. The contests are an inspiration to get that done!
Thanks heaps for everything, Jason.

Posted: 9/6/2005 11:31:42 PM
Jeff S

From: N.E. Ohio

Joined: 2/14/2005

I vote to keep them! Even if it was not every month, I enjoy hearing what other brave souls are able to do. I hope to be able to have something worthy to submit some day. I have to work on the recording issue as well.

The hard part will be to come up with a good public domain piece each time. Unfortunately, a great many of the really old popular tunes were written for piano, not the theremin.

Heck, it would even be interesting to throw in an original composition contest every now and then.

It's really a shame that you can't play and post modern pieces for "educational purposes". After all, if no one's making a buck on it, what would it hurt? (Yea, I's not going to happen.)
Posted: 9/6/2005 11:56:09 PM

From: new haven ct.

Joined: 7/8/2005

I like the montly contests, it's the only thing that gets me off my butt, and recording.

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