Roland CP 40 Pitch to MIDI converter

Posted: 10/27/2013 3:56:56 AM

From: Hillsborough, NC (USA)

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I just saw this Roland CP 40 on eBay.  Anyone tried one of these with a theremin before?  I wonder if it produces continuous pitchbends or individual notes?


Posted: 10/27/2013 8:30:26 PM

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I don't have this piece of gear, but I was able to find that information just by entering "roland cp-40" into Google. The first result was the manual.

The CP-40 can retrigger every half step, and can do the pitchbend up to that point. I'd also probably turn off the velocity transmission, and instead remap the transmitted expression CC to MIDI volume for realtime volume control.

Lastly, and for what it's worth...

Although I do own and use wind controllers like the WX-5/WX-7 in conjunction with the Yamaha DX gear and the VL70m, I've never really been tempted to use MIDI with a theremin. Since the signal is monophonic (by which I mean only one note at a time), there is a wealth of possibilities in just using guitar effects which can process the continuously output signal without any tracking issues.

Just looking at the few YouTube examples of effects with theremin (the one with the Digitech multieffect, the one with the JHS-modded DS-1 Synth Drive, and the numerous EHX Talking Machine vids), you can see all kinds of possibilities. Even just the wonderful bowed violin/cello tones possible with a low-gain distortion or overdrive is just one pedal away. I find it easier to plug in one or two pedals than to rig up a MIDI rack, and it's lighter besides.

Whatever you choose to do, good luck!

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