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Posted: 7/28/2015 3:10:45 AM

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The "covering" I'm most concerned about is the one of The Lorax. Is that link you posted there you think a legal YouTube posting? Looks to me like someone took Powell's album and uploaded it lock, stock and barrel to YouTube and already has 200000+ views of some sort. That's $200,000 that Powell has lost on this link alone if you look at it a certain way.

I would remove that link unless you know it is legal.


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Hello OldTemecula! Sorry my computer crashed the first time I tried to reply to your post!

Aww thanks! :D I am new here and new-ish to theremin, as soon as I learned about the theremin I fell in love :) I don't usually do this on the internet but I just had to voice my enthusiasm and thoughts! I was hoping others would have a similar response, but sometimes I think I post too much. It's fine if people aren't interested in all my writings but I just ask that you guys at least pay attention to my Bob Moog tribute thread..please? Thanks :)

Yeah, I quickly found out that the common cable sleeving is ineffective against ESD, too bad because it comes in cute colors! But how about electrical grade products? Like rubber tubing or coated fiberglass sleeve? If you ever do want to post about your static protection ideas that would be great, thanks! :) I mean actual ESD damage prevention, I don't mind the chirp as long as it is not harmful - it sounds like a cat :)

Rkram53, you're totally right! I should have looked at the YouTube channel name, the album cover looked so real! I have replaced the video with an iTunes link, thanks :)   *Edit: I finally got your pun 2 days later, it's a common occurence :) Haha :D

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Thanks TCat!

Now you've actually helped the composer get sales on a piece you obviously love!

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