What's a Fair Price for an Etherwave Pro?

Posted: 6/25/2016 1:05:37 AM

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I notice on ebay the repeated (so far unsuccessful) attempt to sell an E-Pro (with a hard case) for eight or nine thousand dollars. What would folks consider a FAIR price these days for the Pro (with gig bag), used but as beautiful sounding and looking as ever, (with Thierry's EPVM1345 module)?

Posted: 6/25/2016 1:34:34 AM

From: Minnesota

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I looked and waited for a long time and, like you, saw those ridiculous listings on ebay.  In my case I found a music store that still had a few in their original shipping containers and listed as "new old stock".  After verifying serial numbers and speaking with Moog I decided to buy one. It was very expensive but no where near what is  being sold on ebay.  If you interested you may want to contact Big City Music (bigcitymusic.com) and see if they still have any.  I recently checked their site and I'm not seeing any listed but who knows.

When I was considering laying out a pile of cash for one my rationale was really about the long term value of owning it as apposed to the short term sticker shock.  It took a while but I eventually caved and bought one.  I have absolutely no regrets.  I had been playing on an Etherwave Plus for about a year and a half prior and since I got the Pro I haven't looked back.  IMO there is no comparison in sound or playability.  I play several hours daily and the pleasure derived from that has long since made me forget about the cost.  And if you do get one you will need Thierry's module.  It took me two months to get the courage to install it but I did and it totally resolves the volume control issue. 

Good luck.

Sorry, to answer your question, I would expect to pay around $5K for one now. But its a sellers market so I guess what ever one is willing to pay is what it will cost.


Posted: 6/25/2016 3:38:31 AM
randy george

From: Los Angeles, California

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Hi Eliot,  I may be the odd one here when it comes to appraising the E-Pro, but I would say it should not be bought or sold for more than 3000.  Most people who choose to own one do so because it is known to be an exceptional musical instrument, (currently) the best of the best when it comes to playability and feature set.

The exorbitant prices that we see on eBay and Craigslist are coming from people who are more interested in money.  If there are any sellers out there, I encourage them to start under 3000 and interview people to find a good home for the instrument..., like a person who will use it to make music, not leave sitting to collect dust or packed away in a closet.

John, I believe Eliot is already an owner looking to sell, not a buyer looking to own. Correct me if I'm wrong, Eliot.

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Randy is right--I'm thinking of selling my E-Pro. It's quite honestly the most valuable thing I own, and I've loved playing it onstage and off, but my living situation, though quite manageable, has become a bit unstable, and I'm trying to simplify, to get rid of things, however precious, that make a more nomadic lifestyle difficult. I haven't been playing it very much of late--a gig here and there, and improvising with a DL3 looper.

I'm not entirely uninterested in money, but neither am I looking to make a killing. Just feeling things out and deciding whether to sell my beloved E-Pro, or hold it close.


Posted: 6/25/2016 5:03:02 PM

From: Minnesota

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Sorry, I misunderstood.  It is very rare for someone to make this sort of inquiry so it took me by surprise.  I'm really deeply impressed by that. 

I feel that same as Randy in that if I ever needed to sell mine I would attempt to sell it to someone who has experience and wants to play it and not flip it (like the sellers on ebay).  And I've told my partner that if anything were to happen to me that he should do the same.  I hate to think of the many EPro's out there that are sitting in a closet, basement or attic and unavailable to those who really want one. 

I hope you are able to hang on to yours but if not I hope you find a deserving buyer.


Posted: 6/25/2016 6:38:01 PM

From: Lausanne, Switzerland

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I believe around $3000 is a fair price. During last year there has been e-bay listings like that in Europe.

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