Seeking pro theremin player in Los Angels area

Posted: 2/22/2018 8:18:22 AM

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I'm looking for a professional theremin player in Los Angels area who can help out with an art project. Basically we're planning to record a short video which will prominently feature playing a theremin.

The project itself is a little strange so you'll also need an open mind, but creating it should be an experience. Please message if you are interested or know of anyone who may be able to help out. I will compensate you for your time and skills


Posted: 3/8/2018 8:31:45 PM

From: California

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Hello Matt,

I lecture, demonstrate and record using the Theremin in the LA area. Here is a brief summary from in my P/R file:


I wave my hands and play music "out of thin air". I perform this musical magic playing the Theremin, the only instrument played without touching. This first electronic instrument was invented 100 years ago. I establish an "attraction for interaction" with the audience or party group. Guests are interested to see if they can play as I do. I invite them to have fun trying to do what seems make music with the wave of their hands. This is truly a “Hands-On / Hands-Off” experience.

-Playlist: The American Songbook of jazz and romance, Sci/Fi, Classical music, Classic Rock.

-Venues: Recitals/Corporate/Private Parties, Universities/Colleges/Schools etc.

-Lecture/Demonstrations: The Theremin story utilizing Electrical Laboratory props (like Dr. Frankenstein's Laboratory)

-Recordings for TV, Films "Mars Attacks, etc.

Regards and Looking Forward!

Ed Sussman


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