Etherwave Plus has a growling undertone to the sound

Posted: 2/3/2020 5:56:02 PM

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CB Thereminist Said: Not a substitute for an Etherwave Pro, but a very, very significant bump up from its vanilla state. Affordable, too.My own research is a bump up from the EtherWave Pro. Why would anyone pay that much for a muffled whistle sound?The Theremin is from the birth of electronics in the early 1900's and does something beautiful. Some want to make it complicated or too expensive for the average user.My Pitch sound with a perfectly linear Pitch Field is $45 in parts stuffed in a gutted EtherWave Standard.

Ya think it would work in a gutted theremini chasis? If so I can get you one...

Posted: 2/3/2020 6:15:10 PM

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The Pitch & Volume boards are 16" total by 3"

I never thought of the Theremini as it seems small.

The 16" could be reduced with board overlap but would need a total height > ~ 2.5"

This is all in the experimental realm, needing research.

Though some are incapable of comprehending, my approach eliminates the EWS growl with something beautiful.


Posted: 2/3/2020 11:36:58 PM

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Bendra that is an excellent thought. ... Wait do I need permission from the TW monitor to  talk about my own stuff?

My boards if overlapped collapse down to a workable 11"

My building and teaching days are over but I am sure there are many failed digital Theremini's out there that the enclosure will be useful.

If I flood the building forums with circuit boards we might get some good results.

Static discharge gives us many organ donors.   My stuff is not prone to static discharge.

I always figured that was for sales purposes as what engineer would allow that catastrophic effect in their design?


Posted: 2/4/2020 5:27:44 PM

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"Wait do I need permission from the TW monitor to  talk about my own stuff?"  - oldtemecula

You must really hate this place, you treat it so shabbily.

Posted: 2/5/2020 7:48:09 PM

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ascii text strings provoke such rancor that perhaps we should replace them with audio wav files of theremin gesticulations instead . . . 

oh wait, that won't work either. 

Gentlemen, please put down your soldering irons and permit them to cool to room temperature.

Posted: 2/5/2020 11:39:21 PM

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"Gentlemen, please put down your soldering irons and permit them to cool to room temperature."  - rupertchappelle

A little OT here and there, who cares, but literally every thread lately gets driven into the Phoenix ditch.  The spam is coming from inside the house.

Posted: 2/6/2020 1:28:30 AM

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dewster you need to post your rules if you want me to follow them. I have never picked on any other theremin model, just the sound. As I have said before I have nothing to sell or prove as the home of Lev Sergeyevich Termen liked my work.

My approach more than satisfies what the poster on this thread needed, there is more than just your way.

You post at least 10:1 over me so what is it you want. If you are worried, I am “not” looking for builders rather someone I can pass on my legacy.

I am unable to play music so must repeat a tune once in a while. I am never clear how good anything is but your reaction tells me not bad.

This sound can come from any EtherWave Standard out there, just a little bit of knowledge that is publicly posted. (DSP has Limits)

The Last of My Work .wav


Posted: 2/6/2020 1:32:03 PM

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Yet again a thread that starts off on one specific topic ends up in oldtemecula's rabbithole.  I apologize for adding to this, but this really should stop.

Most readers that post for help with their Etherwave don't necessarily want to hear that maybe they should just gut the theremin and replace the innards with a Phoenix. The Phoenix (whoever designed it) certainly isn't nothing, but it sure as heck doesn't even come close to being end-all shit of theremins either. I guess you may argue this point, but I believe that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the Etherwave design and nothing about it that can't be fixed. Even dealing with the worst problem or hardware failure in the EW is a lot easier than taking on some other can of worms.

 "I have never picked on any other theremin model, just the sound." - oldtemecula

That's the most outrageous denial of reality that I have heard since last Tuesday evening... As they say, doesn't he know that we have records?

"dewster you need to post your rules if you want me to follow them".

No rules, except common courtesy and respect for each other.  But make no mistake, you brought this all upon yourself, so you really shouldn't try to play the victim now.  In the past you have repeatedly gone out of your way to swerve into other lanes of conversation which, at best, contribute little or nothing and at worst are undeniably trolling. Until recently I think most of us that knew better have simply ignored your hyperbolic claims attached to the Phoenix or Electrodeum or whatever it's called today.  That is, until you started trying to insert yourself into the action by attacking the work of others. Now it appears that you really don't like the taste of your own medicine.

Here's a simple forum etiquette suggestion...  Stop criticizing others without reason, and I'm pretty sure you won't be criticized without reason.

Posted: 2/6/2020 9:28:18 PM

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     Gentlemen, no need to quarrel!
Christopher devoted many years to his design and research. And yes, he achieved very concrete positive results. Maybe his Phoenix is not perfect yet, but I enjoy playing it. And the sound of the Phoenix is very popular with my Thereminist friends, whom I met and they played on it.
After watching a recent video, Peter Theremin contacted me and asked me to find an opportunity to meet. He is interested in seeing the Phoenix and playing it to form his own opinion. We will definitely record this video, but we have not yet determined the date of this meeting.

There are many different instruments: double basses, flutes, violins, trumpets ... There are many. Why should all this be in one small analog theremin? Does he sing a violin voice? - Perfectly! Christopher does not stop his design. Work is underway and there will be results. Do not quarrel, support him!
Phoenix's voice is transformed if reverb is used. A small fragment. Let's talk about it! 

P.S. And about the noise and distortion of sound in the theremin Moog EtherWave Plus - no need to rush. I experienced about the same. For the time being, I’m not only playing it, but also constantly improving it with various add-ons and settings. You need to calmly study everything, check and understand. He himself will never play beautifully. You need to learn a lot about him and spend many hours next to him constantly training. Unfortunately, not everyone has the patience to do this. In addition: The second tone in the sound of the theremin can be obtained if the volume generator is incorrectly configured due to the mutual capture of adjacent frequencies by the generators.
Good luck and patience!

Posted: 2/6/2020 9:50:49 PM

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Well, seeing this thread is hopelessly hijacked anyway by Christopher going waaaaaay off topic for the 100^100th time...

"A small fragment. Let's talk about it!"  - Valery

Since you asked (and this isn't sour grapes or anything, just my candid opinion):  It doesn't sound very much like a violin.  I find the timbre to be fairly unpleasant, it's too high pitched and very thin sounding, rather ear piercing (and I'm listening to the video through high quality headphones so that can't be it).  I have a preference for the low and middle end of the violin's range, where you get to hear all the rich resonances.  Can it reach the low G of a real violin?

Your turn:  Tell us about the linearity.  The claim is that it is "perfect" and I'd like to hear some confirmation one way or the other from an experienced third party such as yourself.  A video showing you doing the same quick open / closed hand movement from right at the antenna to maybe 0.5m away (and otherwise not moving your body) would be great.

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