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Posted: 5/30/2020 9:01:07 PM
Peter Theremin

From: Russia ( Moscow and St.Petersburg)

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Yes, dear friends, we continue project of Theremin Today called "Theremin Online" in the days of quarantine it will make you a little closer to some of the leading and inspiring theremin vartists .

Our guest 04/06/2020 - Kip Rosser ( USA)

1. you can send your questions

2. we pass your questions to Kip Rosser

3. Kip Rosser answers your questions in Theremin Today broadcast .📺

✨👌Since 1996, Kip Rosser’s solo performances, staged productions, award-winning compositions and industry recognition have earned him a reputation of accomplished thereminist. He typically combines music (ranging from classical to jazz to popular) with humor, stories, performance art, animation and video, continually pushing the boundaries of the theremin’s capabilities.

✨👌Among his achievements are: · Chosen by Moog Music, Inc., to represent their theremins for the American Music Therapy Association and creating courseware for using the theremin in a therapeutic environment.

✨👌 Member of MUNY (Music Under New York), officially allowed to bring theremin music into the New York City subway. ·

✨👌2009-2019 – Teaching artist for Musicopia, presenting grade-appropriate music programs and workshops to students of all ages throughour the Philadelphia school system.

✨👌 Composed original film scores for Sabina Ptasnik’s short film, Gravity. Provided the theremin tracks by composer Dane Walker for the Toddy Burton film, Scientists in the Woods. Composed the theremin soundtrack for Michael Jason Allen’s feature film, An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Playground.

✨👌Created The Complete Theremin, comprehensive theremin lessons available entirely free of charge online at

✨👌 CD releases include Explorations of the Black Exterior (Ambient Improvisations 2008), Euphonic Verses (Classical Music 2011) and Lessons from Vinegar Mother (Ambient Compositions 2016).

✨👌 He is currently working on two albums: one featuring new ambient compositions and a second featuring music and songs for children. Most recently, he is now on the roster of musicians for Concerts In Motion, a New York City-based, not-for-profit organization. Rosser provides personal, live concerts to older adults, veterans, people with disabilities, and medical patients of all ages.

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