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Keppinger tube thereminMark Keppinger has designed a modern tube theremin that is truly a thing of beauty.  Mark has taken care to design the circuit to reproduce that throaty tube theremin sound with parts easily found today.

Several of our readers have taken on the challenge of building one of these instruments.  If you'd like to join them, look below to find everything you need to know.

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Construction of a Keppinger Design Theremin - Added by: omhoge 5/12/2008
Philip Neidlinger has built a beautiful theremin using the designs of Mark Keppinger. Philip has kept a detailed journal on his website of the development of this very special instrument.
Keppinger Theremin Construction Resources - Added by: Jason 9/3/2010
Building a Keppinger tube theremin? Check out Charles Hobbs' builder logs for his tips and tricks as well as a source for custom-made coils.
Keppinger Tube Theremin Schematics and Component List, by J. Sparks - Added by: Jason 7/11/2011

Jeff Sparks kindly drafted these highly detailed schematics for the famous tube theremin design by Mark Keppinger. Jeff has included a component list as well for those of you who wish to build your own MK theremin. You'll need a PDF viewer to read the files:

kepptheremins Yahoo! group - Added by: Jason 1/2/2012
A Yahoo! group for folks interested in building or playing Mark Keppinger's theremin designs.
Keppinger Model K Schematic - Added by: Jason 9/28/2012
Robert George supplied this schematic for the Keppinger Model K tube theremin.
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