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Front Panel Express - Added by: Jason 8/17/2005
Download their free software, design your front panel, and 8 days later you receive it in the mail!
Guide to making printed circuit boards - Added by: Jason 10/16/2005 guide to laser toner transfer PCB construction
How To Build and Play a Theremin (eHow) - Added by: Jason 1/7/2012
A video series on by Mark Keppinger detailing how to play and build theremins, including winding your own coils.
Video tutorial: How to bend a theremin volume antenna - Added by: Jason 1/7/2012
A short demonstration on YouTube of bending a theremin volume antenna on a pipe-bending rig.
LC Tank Simulation in Excel - Added by: Jason 3/21/2012
Member dewster created this LC tank simulation spreadsheet in Excel to help theremin builders model and predict behavior in their circuits. Be sure to read the instructions on the first sheet to learn how to use it.
Data Sheet Archive - Added by: Jason 10/12/2013
A search engine for electronics engineers! Search a database containing over 350 million data sheets for electrical components.
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