Theremin/Ondes Martenot/Trautonium

Posted: 12/24/2005 9:04:30 AM
If and Who?

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Anyone know where I could get the above?

I'm in the UK (London), if that helps.

Thanks very much in advance.
Posted: 12/24/2005 10:42:28 AM

From: Hillsborough, NC (USA)

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check Turnkey music ( - I believe they still sell Etherwave Theremin kits. Another option is to look on the website, go to the Etherwave page, and they have a "dealers" button that will help you find dealers in your area.

I'm not sure about Trautoniums, but there's a company building Ondes Martenot's now by the name of "French Connection". If you google for that phrase, you'll probably find it pretty quickly.

Posted: 12/24/2005 5:26:52 PM
If and Who?

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You are joking right?

I was in Turnkey yesterday!

(I did mention it and they did say that they had one, but that it was broken and reserved for someone)

Is moogmusic safe? I checked the site and I wasn't sure? You ever used it?

Thanks very much for replying!
Posted: 12/25/2005 10:38:28 PM

From: Hillsborough, NC (USA)

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Small world!

I've never dealt with Turnkey myself, but several people here have and seem to be happy with their service. is completely safe - especially if you're just looking up information on their site. They're the company that builds the Etherwave Theremin - started by the famed Dr. Robert Moog (father of the synthesizer!). I can't think of a safer website... well, maybe ThereminWorld :)

Posted: 5/7/2006 11:31:35 AM

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the persephone sounds easy and simple.
the trat, sounds like you will be doing a lot of knob turning.

Posted: 5/28/2006 9:33:59 AM

From: germany

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after another extended research about the ondes martenot (which proofed to be quite difficult..) here is what i found:

the ondes martenot was discontinued when maurice martenot's assistant retired in the late '80s.
since then no real ondes martenot was built (martenot's son wanted to build a digital one once, but apparently never did). that's why they are so rare and even someone with a lot of money (johnny greenwood) could not get hold of one. (actually he has one, but wanted to get a second, because he was concerned about the poor thing being hurt on tour)

the next best alternative is "L' Ondea". It is a replica, built by the french company SEAM.
(S.E.A.M. 9-11 bis rue Jean Jaurs , 95130 le Plessis-Bouchard, France, FAX: 01 34 15 66 14)
unfortunately it is monster-expensive: one is 15000Û. (about $20000) and, as mentioned before, it is really hard to get in touch with them. someone ordered and even payed for one and did not hear a word for years...

the above mentioned "french connection" is a controller by the british company analogue systems ( which has no tone generation built in. is has several control voltage outputs that have to be connected to some kind of analog synth to make it sound. it was built for johnny greenwood, after his fruitless attempts to get a second ondes. the sound of it relies totally on the synth you use with it, which might be very different from the unique ondes martenot sound, which is produced using the various different speakers/resonators. but it is nontheless a really cool thing. (£1050/$1400)

i hope this helps, even if it does not at all help us to get an ondes martenot ... )-:


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