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This Page allows you to find resources concerning other historical electronic instruments, such as the Trautonium or the Ondes Martenot

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Trautonium Theory from December 1943 - Added by: thierry 12/21/2011
This German Article, published by Trautonium virtuoso Oscar Sala in the "Zeitschrift für Schwingungs- und Schwachstromtechnik" in December 1943 does not only describe the Trautonium's principle of operation. There is a lot of theoretical discussion about sound generation, wave shaping and linearity. This might be of interest for theremin builders. Up to now an English translation does not (yet) exist. Please contact Thierry with specific questions.
Trautonium Method from July 1933 - Added by: thierry 12/21/2011
This Trautonium Method, written by its inventor Dr. ing. Friedrich Trautwein, explains the operation, setting up, tuning and playing the instrument. This is the German original version and we actually don't have yet a translation. Feel free to contact Thierry for further questions.
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