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From software theremins to MIDI programs, here's a list of ways your PC, phone, or tablet can help you experience a theremin:

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AirVox - iPhone/iPad Gestural Control Instrument - Added by: Jason 4/12/2012
A theremin-like app available for both the iPhone and iPad. Uses the camera to "sense" your hand and produces a theremin-ish tone.
Animoog for iPad and iPhone - Added by: Jason 12/21/2011
Moog Music's iconic synthesizer app, now available for the iPhone! Make theremin-like sounds with the unique touchpad keyboard.
12 Theremin Apps for the iPhone - Added by: Jason 7/29/2010
A round up article of super fun 12 theremin apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.
New Theremin iPhone app - Added by: TheDoctor 5/30/2010
A new theremin app by Kingsley Sage is now available on the Apple App Store for the iPhone. The functionaility is modelled on the Etherwave and features continously variable waveshape with a variable base pitch, two octave performance range, tone and echo/delay, and a performance display that shows you the nearest note, with optional sharps and flats display. Let us know what you think!!
Frontier Design - Added by: Jason 8/10/2009
Take a theremin everywhere you go with Frontier Design's theremin app for iPhone. Is that a UFO in your pocket?
Virtual Theremin Software - Added by: gertietheduck 3/11/2008
Free software that mimics a theremin through image processing, using a webcam and computer...
Mouse, PC keyboard and Joystick Theremin - Added by: robertwalker 3/5/2008
Windows software theremin that can play any midi instrument. Mouse, joystick or keyboard controlled. Also can play chords. Mouse scroll wheel can adjust any desired controller, e.g. of course, tremolo. Very configurable. Pitch bend ripples option to make it easier to locate notes, in any tuning. Visual display with impression of curtains of subtle shades of colour.
GEDA - Added by: Jason 10/19/2005
Freeware circuit design and simulation software for Linucks and Mac OSX.
Clanger - free software theremin for the Pocket PC - Added by: Jason 10/12/2005
I'm addicted to Clanger! It's a free software theremin for the Pocket PC by the great and creative folks at Silicon Machines. Clanger offers adjustable delay and tremolo effects, as well as excellent sound. You can tweak it to determine the range of pitches it will produce, making it easier to play various songs. Highly recommended.
Cycling - Added by: Jason 10/12/2005
A professionally developed VST plugin that turns your webcam into a 2 oscillator video theremin. Available for Mac and PC.
InterOscitor video MIDI theremin - Added by: Jason 9/11/2005
A video-based MIDI theremin that runs on Windows.
Sel-vin Kuik's video theremin - Added by: Jason 9/11/2005
Sel-vin Kuik created this webcam video theremin for his Masters Degree at the University of Sheffield.
Synaptics touch-pad theremin (zip file) - Added by: Jason 9/7/2005
Synaptics has just released free software to allow you to play their TouchPad device like a theremin under any flavor of Windows ('95 through XP). The device is a capacitive touch-sensor designed to be used like a mouse. Now, you can use it for more than pointing!
Japanese virtual theremin website - Added by: Jason 3/15/2005
A fun Flash theremin website to play with.
Digital Ear - Realtime pitch to MIDI - Added by: Jason 3/1/2005
I'll update this listing once I've fully evaluated this software, but it appears to be nearly perfect for real-time pitch-to-MIDI signal conversion for the theremin. It even supports high resolution 14-bit pitchbend control signals!
Control Voltage to MIDI converter for MC68HC11 - Added by: Jason 3/1/2005
If you're a hardware hacker as well, this file might interest you. It's a set of assembly subroutines for the Motorola MC68HC11 chip to allow you to convert control voltages to MIDI signals. It uses the chip's built-in serial port and A/D converted, so a black box version of this project should be fairly cheap/easy to make. I believe this came from the Troika Ranch web site. The usual disclaimer applies - I do not support this software, but I may be able to steer you in the right direction if you have technical questions.
Midiglove - Added by: Jason 3/1/2005
MidiGlove is a program which lets you play a MIDI instrument with a Mattel Powerglove connected to a PC. Make a fist to play a note, move left and right to control pitch, in and out to control volume. Up and down controls pitch bends. I've tried this and it works very well. Not quite a theremin, but along the same lines.
Ed Squires video theremin - Added by: Jason 3/1/2005
Written for his thesis, Mr. Squire's video theremin uses a PC and a web camera to track a user's hands and simulate the sound of a theremin. Don't have a webcam? Order a Logitech QuickCam Express here.
Downloadable Desktop Theremin - Added by: Jason 3/1/2005
A Flash theremin you can download and play with on your computer. Mac and PC versions available.
Gleetchplug - Free VST Theremin for the Mac - Added by: Jason 3/1/2005
GLEETCHPLUG is a free bundle of plugins for VST/MAS/RTAS apps. on Mac Os9.x computers. Version1.0.1 contains Therevox: a mouse theremin fully automatizable. Requires Pluggo runtime environment (free) downloadable from Cycling 74 site.
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