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New entry for Moog Halloween competition

Started by merula in Theremin General

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Let's Design and Build a (mostly) Digital Theremin!

Started by dewster in Theremin Construction

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How to post a link in the new format?

Started by Jeff S in Other, Off-Topic, and Misc.

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Moog Theremini!

Started by ErMan in World Thereminization

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My New Year gift to TW: A new theremin circuit

Started by Thierry in Theremin Construction

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Moog Music Theremini Reviews

Started by Randy George in Theremin General

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DIY calculator: HP30b to WP34S!

Started by dewster in Other, Off-Topic, and Misc.

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Theremin Circuits Scratchpad

Started by FredM in Theremin Construction

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YAEWSBM - Yet Another Etherwave Standard Bass Mod

Started by dewster in Theremin Construction

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Best sounding Theremin question

Started by All Souls Night in Buy / Sell / Trade

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Goals for a TW Theremin

Started by Jason in Theremin Construction

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Started by EthantheBassist in Suggestion Box

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LC Tank / Linearizing Coil Excel Simulation

Started by dewster in Theremin Construction

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Registration is now open for Hands Off 2011

Started by GordonC in Concert & Exhibit Announcements

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Moog Etherwave Pro for Sale

Started by matrix1 in Buy / Sell / Trade

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Idea for Theremin Staccato Pedal

Started by GordonC in Effects

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Gordon's Progress

Started by GordonC in Other, Off-Topic, and Misc.

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Let's Design and Build a (simple) Analog Theremin!

Started by dewster in Theremin Construction

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Aerial Fingering Technique

Started by kkissinger in Theremin Technique

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Roll Call - 2012

Started by Jason in Theremin Newcomers

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TOKO Inductors Needed for EM Theremin!

Started by therem13 in Theremin Construction

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NEW UK DESIGNED & BUILT THEREMIN with volume loop & pitch rod etc

Started by ChrisC in Buy / Sell / Trade

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Completely newbie planning to build EM theremin

Started by Hazel in Theremin Construction

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Antenna tuning.

Started by nickexists in Theremin Construction

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Theremin and jazz?

Started by Jason in Repertoire

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coil tuning

Started by invisiblejelly in Theremin Construction

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Started by FredM in Technical Theory

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Moog Theremini Owners

Started by SapereAude in World Thereminization

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Theremin Lip-Sync Scandal

Started by rs theremin in Composing for theremin

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Lighting up the diamond speaker! :)

Started by Thomas Grillo in Theremin Construction

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