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Here's a long list of method books, videos, DVDs, and other instructional materials for helping you learn to play the theremin.  Remember, practice makes perfect!

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Fundamentals of Vibrato by Kip Rosser - Added by: Jason 12/1/2011
Kip shares his thoughts on how to achieve great vibrato in this video on YouTube
Mastering the Theremin- Russian version - Added by: Arsimantur 6/12/2011
Mastering the Theremin by Lydia Kavina ??-?????? - Russian version
Theremin Learning Book (Japanese) - Added by: Jason 8/22/2010
A softcover book about learning the theremin, written in Japanese. If you have this book and would like to write a review for us, please get in touch!
Theremin Lessons DVD - Added by: omhoge 2/3/2010
DVD compilation of video theremin lessons by Thomas Grillo. Theremin Lessons is a full 16 by 9 aspect production, which runs nearly an hour and a half.
Updated Accompaniment files for Rockmore Method for Theremin - Added by: rogmusic 1/15/2010
The Midi files listed below on my website are no longer available, and were difficult to use. I've since made .mp3 versions of the backtracks. They are available with and without the theremin part sounding, so that if you are not a music reader, you can still use the files.
The files are all free, so, happy practicing.
Roger Ballenger
Ten Concert Pieces for Cello and Piano - Added by: Jason 9/7/2009
Originally designed for cello, but perfect for the theremin!. Includes 2 songs on the Clara Rockmore album, "The Art of the Theremin". Includes a high-quality printed music score and a compact disc containing a complete performance with soloist; then a second version with the piano accompaniment, minus you, the soloist. Published by Music Minus One. (MMO-CD-3704)
The Beat Frequency Method! - Added by: omhoge 7/28/2009
The first of its kind: A non-melodic sonic exploratory Theremin Method by Gordon Charlton, Beat Frequency artist.
Estrada: Ejercicios progresivos para Theremin (PDF) - Added by: Jason 4/2/2008
A full color theremin method book in Spanish by Victor Estrada.
Estrada: Progressive Exercises for Theremin Volume - Added by: omhoge 4/2/2008
A new English version of Victor Estrada's helpful theremin method book tranlated by Alan Barbour.
Clara Rockmore: Method for the Theremin, by Clara Rockmore - Added by: Jason 2/8/2008
A free updated edition of Clara Rockmore's original method book for the theremin at Spellbound. You'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this book.
Moog EtherWave Standard User Manual - Added by: omhoge 9/3/2007
The Moog EtherWave Standard User Manual contains a great section on the basics of playing the theremin.
Aerial Fingering Technique - Added by: omhoge 8/15/2007
ThereminWorld Theremin Technique Forum and Aerial Fingering Topic contain a tremendous amount of information on how to play the Theremin.
Clara Rockmore - World's Greatest Theremin Virtuosa - Added by: omhoge 6/27/2007
A classic many thereminists return to again and again. This documentary produced by Bob Moog presents the most footage of Clara Rockmore playing available today. The DVD also contains Mastering the Theremin" with Lydia Kavina.
Carolina Eyck - The Art of Playing the Theremin - Added by: Jason 3/6/2006
Carolina Eyck's long awaited theremin method book is now available in both German and English editions.
Good Ear - free online ear training website - Added by: Jason 1/19/2006
A free online tool for ear-training
Lydia Kavina: Upcoming workshops and master classes - Added by: Jason 4/6/2005
Learn from the great niece of Leon Theremin herself! Lydia Kavina teaches master classes around the world. This site contains her latest schedule of upcoming workshops.
Lydia Kavina: Mastering the Theremin - Added by: Jason 2/27/2005
A video by Lydia Kavina that illustrates basic and advanced theremin playing technique.
Learn Perfect Pitch Online at - Added by: Jason 2/21/2005
This website offers online lessons and contests aimed at helping you learn perfect pitch, an invaluable skill for the serious thereminist.
Roger Ballenger's MIDI files for Clara Rockmore's method book - Added by: Jason 2/21/2005
Roger has kindly made available a series of MIDI files based on Clara Rockmore's method book for the theremin. While you're at it, don't forget to check out his website. A special thanks to Erik Strommen for bringing these to our attention.
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