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Theremin-like sound synthesis

Started by buzhard in Theremin Technique

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Moog Etherwave problem: no power

Started by ssair in Theremin General

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Rob Schwimmer playing theremin Mark Morris Dance Group/Ethan Iverson's Pepperland @ Yale 6/21-22

Started by RSchwim in Concert & Exhibit Announcements

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Hand Pain While Practicing 8 Position Scale?

Started by colonelsheep in Theremin Newcomers

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New Etherwave the block

Started by Asbjorn in Theremin Newcomers

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Let's Design and Build a (mostly) Digital Theremin!

Started by dewster in Theremin Construction

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Favorite theremin videos and/or recordings before Clara's The Art of the Theremin?

Started by RSchwim in Theremin General

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Beginner Struggling

Started by Oilzum in Theremin Construction

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My name is hYrtis, I am a newcomer.

Started by hYrtis in Theremin Newcomers

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First audio recording of my new theremin!

Started by asterix2k10 in Theremin General

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Whammy pedal?

Started by Asbjorn in Effects

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Fitting tuner for the etherwave

Started by wannes_dn in Theremin Construction

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basic experiments

Started by JPascal in Technical Theory

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Some corny theremin jokes

Started by Charlie D in Other, Off-Topic, and Misc.

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looking for spare parts for etherwave plus: pots

Started by OG in Thierry's Workbench

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Tuner output circuit from Etherwave hotrodding manual

Started by Jason in Theremin Construction

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Open theremin v3 pitch antenna problem

Started by tinkeringtanuki in Theremin Construction

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Idea for Theremin Staccato Pedal

Started by GordonC in Effects

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Theremin strange issues

Started by asterix2k10 in Theremin General

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Advice needed for purchasing my first theremin please!

Started by cri_tique in Theremin General

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Pitch wire

Started by asterix2k10 in Technical Theory

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Calibrating Theremin

Started by asterix2k10 in Theremin Newcomers

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Memorial Day Includes All of Us

Started by oldtemecula in Theremin General

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Need some help with pitch antenna inductors.

Started by Wintermute in Theremin Construction

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Privacy Policy Updated

Started by Jason in Suggestion Box

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Theremin Newbie!

Started by asterix2k10 in Theremin Newcomers

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Alnico or ceramic speakers?

Started by Dmi in Theremin General

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Pitch Drift Problem

Started by CameronL in Theremin Newcomers

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Let's Design and Build a STM32 Theremin!

Started by gerd in Theremin Construction

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Built Robert Moog's Etherwave Theremin

Started by Benthefriend in Theremin Construction

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