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Here's a list of various types of theremin schematics.  You'll find tube theremins, transistor theremins, optical theremins, beginner, and advanced projects.  If you're not sure where to start, we suggest reading through our theremin construction forum to get an idea of which schematic might be best for you.

Note, we've moved schematics and technical information for RCA theremins and the Keppinger theremins to their own pages.

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Channel Road Vacuum Tube Theremin - Added by: Jason 7/18/2015
A great write-up on a custom vacuum tube theremin built by John Polstra of Channel Road Amplification. The article features schematics and discussion to explain design choices.
Thierrymin pitch only theremin - Added by: Jason 12/29/2013
A pitch only theremin schematic designed by noted theremingineur Thierry Frenkel. Designed to be built from readily available parts and to perform well. Perfect for the hobbyist, for science fair projects, or for anyone who wants to scratch build a working theremin!
15 Russian Theremin Articles With Schematics - Added by: Jason 3/4/2013
A set of 15 theremin-related articles appeared in the Russian magazine Radio from 1964 onward. TW member ILYA graciously scanned and donated this trove of information and also provided a handy English index with tips for reading the Russian schematics.
A Wine Box Theremin - Added by: Jason 2/2/2013
Theremin World member Adrian Bontenbal shared this article with us detailing how he built a transistor theremin inside a wooden wine box.
Popular Electronics 1955 Tube Theremin - Added by: Jason 11/10/2012
Phil Nelson has shared the 1955 schematic on his antique radio website.
Kustom Theremin Schematic - Added by: Jason 9/28/2012
Robert George supplied this schematic for his Kustom theremin, originally based on the Moog Melodia theremin.
Skywave H1 Theremin Schematic - Added by: Jason 5/17/2012
These schematics / code / layouts are for the Skywave H1 Pitch-only “Theremin”. 16 of these were built and operated in the Royal Festival Hall (South-bank arts centre) for 10 days in 2010. Includes schematic, parts list, and circuit board patterns.
Quick and easy Arduino-powered theremin - Added by: Jason 4/6/2012
Here we show a little Theremin module which plugs onto a Arduino Board that gives out the tune to a speaker or puts out the tune as control signal like MIDI, Servo etc. We were using this device not only as a musical instrument, various kinds of proximity sensors, pointing devices or as interface in combination with Processing, Max or Pd have been build with this technique.
PAiA Theremax Schematic - Added by: Jason 1/5/2012
Online version of the schematic for the popular DIY theremin kit from PAiA.
Another Theremin Circuit - Added by: omhoge 6/12/2011
Designed by Russ. Kincade, and posted Craig Kendrick Sellen
Kendrick Sellen Theremin for Tube Enthusiasts - Added by: TW-Staff 3/26/2011
Kendrick Sellen Tube Theremin Schematics.
Open.Theremin - Added by: gaudi 10/18/2010
The Open.Theremin is a open hardware and open software theremin project. The modular system consists of a RC or LC heterodyne oscillator module and a micro controller UP module with interface and supply circuits.
Build A Photo Theremin From 7 Parts! ( - Added by: Jason 7/6/2010
This is a demo of Forrest Mims, III’s Audible Light Meter. This photo-theremin design was originally published in Optoelectronic Projects Vol 1, published by Radio Shack in 1976.
Art Harrison - Added by: Jason 5/25/2010
Art Harrison shares his latest theremin designs with the world! Be sure to check this one out for clear directions and excellent technical description.
LEGO Optical Theremin - Added by: Jason 7/25/2009
Build an optical theremin out of LEGOs! Step by step instructions, schematics, and a demonstration video are provided.
Build Squaremin as a form of theremin - Added by: Jason 7/21/2009
An optical theremin using IR sensors to control pitch and octave (instead of pitch and volume).
Clara Rockmore's Theremin Schematic - Added by: Jason 5/12/2008
Hand-drawn by Bob Moog, these schematics will give you insight into Prof. Theremin's original design concepts. schematic page 1, schematic page 2. Also available are the technical notes Bob Moog wrote while working on her theremin. Adrian Bontenbal also provided some additional tech notes on this circuit with details that are hard to make out from Bob's schematic as well as some bonus circuits.
Build a Pocket Theremin on the Cheap - Added by: Jason 4/7/2008
This short article from Popular Science shows you how to build a small optical theremin for under $20 in about 3 hours.
ASCII Schematic - Added by: Jason 2/22/2005
This simple schematic came from the book, "103 Simple Transitor Projects", listed in the theremin bibliography.
Alexander Zeyliger's theremin project from CalTech - Added by: Jason 2/21/2005
This person designed and completed a theremin for a class project at CalTech. He's graciously provided both a writeup with excellent technical information and schematics for his project. I finally got the original postscript files back, and they are available below in GZIP format:
The Theremin, by Robert Moog - Added by: Jason 2/21/2005
This tube theremin article originally appeared in Radio and Television News in 1954. You might have trouble finding all the parts to build this theremin today, but the article is also an excellent source of technical information.
Hand-Drawn Schematic (.GIF, ~58k) - Added by: Jason 2/21/2005
Long before even the first version of the Theremin Home Page, John Honniball from the University of the West of England faxed me this hand-drawn theremin schematic after I posted a request to a USENET newsgroup. I analyzed it with fellow engineering students and learned a lot about basic theremin design from this simple circuit. It is a "U.K.-ified" version of a 60's Moog theremin design.
Everyday with Practical Electronics Simple Theremin Project - Added by: Jason 2/21/2005
The full text and graphics for this article are now available online. The above link will take you to the files.
University of Glasgow Online Theremin Exhibit - Added by: Jason 2/21/2005
Look here for photos and schematics of two custom-made theremins. Both analog and digital models were built and are discussed on this site. I get a lot of questions about their digital theremin, so I've started compiling a FAQ. Feel free to contribute!
Big Briar Etherwave Mute Switch - Added by: Jason 2/21/2005
Ever wanted to get rid of the "pop" when you turn on your Etherwave? Arthur Harrison has developed a mute-switch for the Etherwave that will do just that. It also adds a "mute status" light which doubles as a power-on light. Here's the schematic. Don't forget to browse the rest of Art's great site!
Fred Nachbaur's BAMTRAT Tube Theremin Project - Added by: Jason 2/21/2005
Fred shares with us an all tube theremin project - complete with sound files! Don't miss the other cool theremin projects on his website while you're there!
The RS Theremin - Added by: Jason 2/21/2005
This site shows you how to build a theremin using only parts available at your local Radio Shack!
Pierre Genet's Tube Theremin - Added by: Jason 2/21/2005
Pierre has built a new tube theremin design based loosely on the RCA theremin. He has graciously shared his schematic and several sample sound clips with us!
Simple Theremin Schematic - Added by: Jason 2/21/2005
A very simple CMOS 2-chip pitch-only theremin suitable for simple science fair projects.
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