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About Theremin World

Theremin World is the new name for the Theremin Home Page. The original "Theremin Home Page" was created during the summer of 1995 as a source of information for people building their own theremins. Back then, Yahoo! hadn't even become a real company yet! Since then, the site has grown from a single page of grey-backed HTML to become on of the most comprehensive online resources for theremin-related information.

The original site began with a small bibliography and a couple of pointers to construction articles in response to several theremin threads on newsgroups such as sci.electronics,, etc. As more people found the site, suggestions for improvement and new information poured in. The contributors list was added to thank the many theremin fans who helped build the page into what it is today. I created the newsgroup provide a forum for theremin builders, collectors, players, and buyers/sellers to trade ideas, information, and instruments.

The Theremin Home Page was mentioned in Popular Electronics (Nov. and Dec. 1995), Everyday with Practical Electronics (Oct. and Dec. 1995), Tower Record's magazine, Pulse (Feb. 1996), Electronics Now (March 1996), Sound On Sound magazine (Oct. and Nov. 1996), (PC Computing, Dec. 1996), Grand Royal Issue #3, Electronic Musician (Jan. 1997, May 1998, May 2002), the Discovery Channel's WWW site, the SciFi Channel's web site. On July 8th, 1996, Magellan voted the Theremin Home Page as a 3-star site. Even Wired Magazine has declared the theremin "wired" and digital synthesizers "tired". THP was the official Geek Site of the Day (is that a good thing?) on December 18th, 1996. THP was the Gist obscure site of the day on St. Patricks' Day, March 17, 1997.

We look forward to helping you learn about the theremin!