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Yet Another Etherwave Standard Bass Mod - Added by: Jason 3/15/2012
Originally posted by member dewster, this forum thread details another mod you can make to your Etherwave theremin to improve bass range performance and timbre.
How to Install the ESPE01 Module In An Etherwave Standard - Added by: Jason 2/9/2012
Member mollydad has written out step-by-step instructions for installing the awesome ESPE01 module in an Etherwave Standard theremin. View: ESPE01EtherwaveStandard.docx (MS Word, 16kb)
Large coil replacements for Etherwave theremins - Added by: Jason 1/2/2012
Charles Hobbs offers replacement coils for the classic Etherwave and EM Theremin designs. These won't necessarily improve the sound or linearity, but they're gorgeous!
8 Mods for Make Magazine's Light Theremin - Added by: Jason 12/30/2011
8 ways you can modify MAKE Magazine's Weekender Light Theremin project.
Stephen Hobley's Pitch to MIDI Converter - Added by: Jason 12/30/2011
A $10 set of plans to build a microcontroller-based pitch-to-MIDI converter proven to work with popular theremin models.
EVPM1345 Etherwave Pro Volume Modification - Added by: Jason 12/10/2011
This module improves the volume response of the Etherwave Pro. Original Etherwave Pro theremins have what is called a snappy response. The softest audible sound is already quite loud, as silence is followed by a jump in volume from zero to a starting level of about -40dB. The consequences are not only a reduced dynamic range but also the impracticality of sophisticated expression at very low volume.
ESPE01 Etherwave Standard Pitch Extension - Added by: Jason 12/10/2011
This module adds about 2 octaves of range in the bass register, making the Etherwave theremin sound even lower than a double bass. The linearity improves considerably over the full pitch range.
Understanding, Customizing, and Hot-rodding your Etherwave Theremin (PDF) - Added by: Jason 12/5/2011
The ultimate "how to hack your Etherwave" guide from Moog Music!
Gakken Mini Theremin Hack - Added by: Jason 12/5/2011
Instructions on how to add an audio jack and upgrade the antenna on the Gakken Mini Theremin kit.
PAiA Theremax Mods - Added by: Jason 2/21/2005
Fred Nachbaur has written an excellent article describing his modifications to the PAiA Theremax. The article lists some improvements to the overall playability of the Theremax.
Silicon Chip Theremin Modifications - Added by: Jason 2/21/2005
A great article from Max Baars on modifying the Silicon Chip (a.k.a. Jaycar) theremin for better performance.
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