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The Story of the Theremin (BBC) - Added by: Jason 11/6/2013
Bill Bailey tells the story of the electronic instrument known as the Theremin. It's a slightly fantastic tale, involving a cast of characters that includes Lenin, Stalin, the FBI, the KGB, Alfred Hitchcock and The Beach Boys. Contributors include Leon Theremin's biographer Albert Glinsky, Alison Goldfrapp and film expert Mark Kermode. Part of Radio 4 on Music, re-releasing the best of Radio 4's music back catalogue
A Theremin Christmas Pudding - Added by: Jason 12/8/2011
Peter Pringle's album of 23 classic Christmas hymns and instrumentals - free to download!
Theremin Magic on Amazone - Added by: Pekkanini 6/12/2011
12 new theremin songs by Pekkanini, can also be found at iTunes.
*** Spellbound - a Theremin Podcast *** - Added by: Jason 10/8/2007
A weekly theremin radio show you can listen to live over the Internet!
Every possible kind of theremin music from around the world is included.
There is even a live chat available during the live broadcast.
The Funeral March by Kevin Sinnott - Added by: Jason 10/8/2007
Kevin wrote this song and performed all parts on a Kees Enkelaar theremin. If you've been wondering what this model sounds like, this is a great example of its versatility.
Destroy All Humans soundtrack - Added by: Jason 10/8/2007
Composer Gary Schyman's personal website, featuring full length MP3 downloads of the score to the video game, "Destroy All Humans". DHA is set in the campy 1950's scifi genre and a theremin is used throughout the score.
Audio: Compare the E-Winds S theremin to the Etherwave and Etherwave Pro - Added by: GordonC 1/29/2006
This Japanese website features several MP3s of the E-Winds S theremin, the Moog Etherwave, and the Moog Etherwave Pro.

Click on the "sounds" link, bottom left. Links to music appear top right.
Bionic Genius - The Theremin Show - Added by: Jason 12/27/2005
Podcast featuring Project Pimento and Pamelia Kurstin
performancekr - Added by: schielenkrahe 11/4/2005
Thereminist Kip Rosser plays jazz, classical and popular music. Selections change regularly, so visit often.
Audio: 1938 interview with Lucie Rosen (mp3) - Added by: Jason 3/25/2005
This recording, found by J. Hummel, is a restored taping of an interview with Lucy Bigelow Rosen, held in 1938
for the Dutch Philips East Indies Broadcasting station (PHOHI). You don't hear her play, but she explains to the listeners about the theremin and mentions the Ondes Martenot and the
Video: Carolia Eyck plays Romanze - Added by: Jason 3/2/2005
Lewis Berman's classical theremin songs - Added by: Jason 2/25/2005
Lewis has shared some great recordings of classical music played on the theremin. Check back often for updates.
Inactivists MP3s - Added by: Jason 2/23/2005
The Inactivists have shared some songs from their upcoming album here.
Barbara Bucholz: "Theremin: Russia with Love" - Added by: Jason 2/22/2005
A bold album featuring Barabara playing a tVOX Tour theremin on every track. The musical styles covered range from jazz to ambient to "new" music.
Eric Ross sounds and videos - Added by: Jason 2/22/2005
Avante garde thereminist Eric Ross has posted some sound and video links of his performances.
Video: Watch Leon Theremin give a lesson! - Added by: Jason 2/21/2005
This site features a rare video of Prof. Leon Theremin giving a theremin lesson in February, 1991. You'll need Apple Quicktime to view the movie.
Carolina Eyck Sound Samples - Added by: Jason 2/21/2005
Carolina's website features samples in MP3 format.
Bob Moog on Fresh Air (March 1, 2002) - Added by: Jason 2/21/2005
Terry Gross interviews the father of the synthesizer.
Pamelia Kurstin on All Things Considered (July 25, 2002) - Added by: Jason 2/21/2005
The NPR show All Things Considered ran a report on a multimedia work by renowned thereminist Pamelia Kurstin.
Charlie Lester's Theremin Sounds - Added by: Jason 2/21/2005
Thereminist Charlie Lester shares some theremin songs
KPLU radio story on the theremin - Added by: Jason 2/14/2005
KPLU's Bellamy Pailthorp covers Lydia Kavina's visit to Seattle, WA in 2002 for a Russian music festival. Audio Library - Added by: Jason 2/14/2005
A great website with lots of audio samples
Into the Ether radio show - Added by: Jason 2/14/2005
Thereminist Hypnotique put together this 90 minute radio show with submissions from the likes of Carolina Eyck, Lydia Kavina, Eric Ross, and several members of the LEVNET mailing list. A mu
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