Posted: 4/17/2009 2:20:06 AM

From: Eastleigh, Hampshire, U.K. ................................... Fred Mundell. ................................... Electronics Engineer. (Primarily Analogue) .. CV Synths 1974-1980 .. Theremin developer 2007 to present .. soon to be Developing / Trading as WaveCrafter.com . ...................................

Joined: 12/7/2007

First, the bottom line.. I have no money to pay anyone at present.. I can offer percentage of sales and/or profit, or offer shares in Fundamental Designs Ltd, or offer partnership - but not wages or money ... I do promise that anyone who helps me get my products into production will be fairly and adequately rewarded as soon as the company is able to do so.

At present I use PSoC and PIC32 MCU's - I can take care of all configuration aspects, but particularly need someone with skills in mathematics.

Coding is in C (NOT C++) and sometimes assembler for interrupt handlers. It is particularly non-linear mathematical operations which I need help with, but there are other programming tasks which need to be done.

Projects are all Theremin related - Immediate tasks include:

Routines for exponential and Log conversions, and general non-linear operations related to producing analogue output from frequency input, where the input frequency changes in a non-linear manner.

Quantisation of input data to musical intervals -
User interface development for harmonic mixer -

Other projects and details which I cannot disclose publicly.

I can undertake programming but do not have the time to do this and all the other things which need to be done - The maths stuff takes me longest, so this is what I need to shift first - Then, if possible, I would like to get as much of the other programming off my hands as possible.

The majority of the above relate to a major Theremin development - There is enough work to keep a good programmer busy for a month or two.. and many more developments in the 'pipeline' which will require programming input.

Ideally you would reside in the U.K. Essential requirement is a love of musical technology and solid practical mathematical ability .. Some knowledge of electronics would probably be helpful. I would love to find a someone who shares my passion for advancing creative technology - Partnership / Directorship is certainly on offer to the right applicant.

I expect that most collaboration would be on-line, but occasional meetings are likely to be needed.

Fred Mundell.
Managing Director of Fundamental Designs Ltd.

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