CD Release Party for the Inactivists’ “Dreaded Concept Album”

Posted: 4/12/2007 9:45:03 PM

From: Colorado

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[b]May 5, 2007[b/]
Larimer Lounge, 2721 Larimer St. Denver, CO, 303-291-1007
Show starts at 1pm; Inactivists play at 5 pm.

WORLD PREMIERE of “Jahoprah & The Golden Guitar: A Rock Opera”. Written by and starring the Inactivists, Colorado’s foremost purveyors of angry lounge music, “Jahoprah & The Golden Guitar” is a story of hope for those discouraged by today’s music scene. The story takes place in the entirely fictitious, yet oddly familiar, world of Claxnor; a land where the thuggish theocracy has banished all forms of music. That is until one day, a young goatherd by the name of Jahoprah is given a golden guitar by a mysterious gorilla. Soon the entire government is after the idealistic Jahoprah. Things look grim, but don’t worry -- everything works out in the end. The people of Claxnor learn a lesson and Jahoprah even falls in love.

At 5 p.m. at the Larimer Lounge, we’ll treat you to a live rendition of this new masterwork. Our set will include vibraphonist Megan Wise, hiphop artist Abbie Norm and Shawn Mlekush, guitar and loop virtuoso-- as well as some surprises...

The Inactivists will also be celebrating the release of their third full-length CD, entitled “Dreaded Concept Album”. Having recorded their first two albums in just a matter of days (including Westword’s 2005 “Moover & Shakers” award winner, “Disappointing Follow-Up”), the Inactivists spent over a year at Ian Hlatky’s Woodshed Studios recording this CD, and finished mastering at Colorado Sound Studios in late 2006. On Dreaded Concept Album the Inactivists play-up all the prog-rock pretensions of such albums as The Who’s “Tommy”, Styx's ”Kilroy Was Here,” and E.L.P’s ”Tarkus”. Or perhaps, they used the supposedly ironic title as an excuse to indulge every over-blown idea they had. Aside from the Inactivists’ usual line-up of clarinet, theremin, and ukulele, the Dreaded Concept Album features mandolins, recorders, accordions, cellos, vibraphones, banjos, backwards vocals, and numerous guest performers. The album ranges from New Age noodlery to accordion-fueled death metal. From country-rap to a funk song that turns into a Slim Whitman style waltz. The songs range from over seven and a half minutes, to well under one minute. Everything is jammed into this album; there are songs in Esperanto, sign language, and gibberish.

For free tickets, go to: To hear tracks from “Dreaded Concept Album”, go to
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From: Jax, FL

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Sign language is fun to sing in but it doesn't transfer well to CD...
Posted: 4/21/2007 3:57:25 PM

From: Colorado

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Well, it is a verbal transcription of GSL (gorilla sign language)...

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