PROTEA in Oakland, California USA

Posted: 9/30/2009 11:55:11 AM
Joe Max

From: Oakland, California

Joined: 1/2/2009

[b]'8 GATES' Metamorphic Ritual Theatre & PROTEA in collaboration with Orryelle.[/b]

@Humanist Hall, 390 27th Street, Oakland CA 94612, between Telegraph & Broadway.

Tues Oct 6th, 8pm-11pm

Part play, part shamanic underworld journey, 8 GATES concerns past lives, atavistic resurgence, mists, ravens and the density of matter.

Shards and fragments of different lives and selves (inc. a Norse viking, a sabretooth tiger and a fly agaric mushroom) link up in a complex mosaic of non-linear relativity resolved in a paradox of profound absurdity/ absurd profundity.

SF's PROTEA: Serena Toxicat's thorny, sharp-clawed, 21st century brainchild.

An intensely personal, dark experimental project, its manifestation into form has come about through technologies of varying strata, from low budget to high end, and has never included any stock loops or sounds, rather soundscapes crafted from pure synthesis and found aural sources.

Serena celebrates the Ancient Egyptian pantheon with gnosis and devotion in a matrix of ether and artful "noise":

For this performance Protea will present material from her new CD 'Going Forth by Night', collaborating with thereminist Joseph Max and Orryelle on violin.

Orryelle will also be performing some of his own recent musickal material from his 'rehctaWatcher' CD with related Egyptian themes.

Sa Sakhem Sahu. Ama Iset. Em hotep. Mau Bast! Mau Bast! Mau Bast!

$16 at the door, $10 presale via:

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