Nov 13, 2010: pNEUma: A concert of music for winds, strings, and silicon

Posted: 10/29/2010 10:29:22 AM
Brian R

From: Somerville, MA

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The program will include the premiere of [i]Hundenschnarchenwiegenlied[/i] by Brian Robison, for theremin and transformed canine snoring.

pNEUma: A concert of music for winds, strings, and silicon
Saturday, November 13, 2010 at 7:30p
Fenway Center at Northeastern University
77 St. Stephen St.
Boston MA 02115
free admission

Featuring music by guest composer Bruce Christian Bennett (Pacifica, CA)
and selections by Northeastern faculty composers Anthony De Ritis, Allen Feinstein, Mike Frengel, Hubert Ho, Matti Kovler Brian Robison, and Michele Zaccagnini

With performers Jessi Rosinski, flute; Rane Moore and Allen Feinstein, clarinets; Tom Dambly, trumpet; Matti Kovler, voice and piano; Patrick Owen, 'cello; Jeffrey Means, percussion; Mike Frengel, guitar; and Brian Robison, theremin

To the ancient Greeks, the word "pneuma" meant the animating warm breath in the cosmos and the body, our spirit or soul. The ten musical works on this concert present different facets of air in motion, ranging from the literal use of wind instruments to more abstract electroacoustic representations of singing, speaking, and snoring.

Guest composer Bruce Christian Bennett is a native of Seattle currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. His works have been played throughout the United States and abroad by such groups as the Arditti String Quartet, the Del Sol String Quartet, Earplay, and the Ensemble InterContemporain. His honors include a 2003 Fromm Foundation commission and the Prix Maurice Ravel at the American Conservatory at Fontainebleau in 1993. His interests and activities include compositions and improvisations for live, interactive, electroacoustic music.

Michele Zaccagnini: [i]Bilbop[/i] (2004) for flute solo
Bruce Christian Bennett: [i]Stretch[/i] (2001) for computer-generated sound
Bruce Christian Bennett: [i]Speaking in Tongues[/i] (1992) for computer-generated sound
Hubert Ho: [i]Septic / Ice / Snow[/i] (2007) for flute, clarinet, ’cello, and percussion
Brian Robison: [i]Hundenschnarchenwiegenlied[/i] (2010) for theremin and electronics
Allen Feinstein: [i]First Dance[/i] (2003) for two clarinets
Matti Kovler: [i]The Soul Descends[/i] (2001) for voice, piano, and live electronic processing
Anthony De Ritis: [i]Sheng[/i] (2010) for ’cello and four-speaker diffusion
Mike Frengel: [i]And then, Romina …[/i] (2000) for prepared electric guitar and electronics
Bruce Christian Bennett: [i]Translucent night[/i] (2008) for trumpet and electronics

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