Nov 25 - St.Petersburg, Russia - Wind Rose performance

Posted: 11/24/2010 8:21:05 PM

From: St.Petersburg, Russia

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November 25, Sergey Kuryokhin Center for Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg, Russia

CYBERFEST - International Cyber Art festival

Concert/radio play Wind Rose 1.0. Summary: Time travels from digital to analog on mechanical machines and on wings of imagination. This concert for four theremins and piano with video projections is based on the octet Wind Rose by Iraida Yusupova, and is dedicated to the centennial of Clara Rockmore.

Lydia Kavina: Theremin I.
Vladimir Kitlyar: Theremin II.
Dmitry Shubin: Theremin III.
Sasha Zhitinskaya: Synthesizer, Theremin IV.
Sergey Teterin: Video Projections.

Cyberfest web site:

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